Quick Update On Everyone

Thank god this week has seen some improvements in everyone.
Look! They're still alive! Sounds like success to me...
Since my last post, Lyra has been handling her pain much better. The antibiotics seem to have knocked down any inflammation in her mouth completely, and she's pretty much back to normal.
Now THAT'S a normal husky expression! Look at her. Looks like she could run a marathon, still attempt to murder a baby deer ,and make you crazy by chirruping her disapproval of your laziness. That's the breed I love!
The swelling in her face is completely gone. She's constantly hungry, and willing to try all kinds of foods again. I'm gradually starting to introduce her to slightly harder foods. Let's just say, the faster I can stop using cans of fish based wet dog food the happier I (and my nose!) will be. Yeck. 

I'm planning to begin tapering down her anti-inflammatory today, but don't expect any issues. She seems on the road to a full and happy recover. Thank goodness!
Seriously. I am thrilled to have this girl back feeling awesome.
Meanwhile, Guinness also seems to be improving. He's been much more energetic, and absolutely hoovering up his feed. Even the increased rations. This pleases me, as he's always been a lackluster eater. I love watching him tackle a full feedpan with single focus.
Om. Nom. Eat it up, sickie.
Yesterday was his last day of drugs, so I'll be keeping a close eye on him from here on out. That said, there's been no sign of fever since we first brought it down. With luck we caught this whole tick borne thing early, and it's done and gone.

Pig's not the only one enjoying the spoils of my near daily visits to Tractor Supply. I figured with all the stress, I needed to treat myself some. So I did that the best way I know how... licorice. 
Pretty sure I literally squealed in the store when I noticed these the first time.
To close out this family update, Bast has been amazing. I'm working on an update on his training and a look back at how far he's come since he got here. I'm so proud of this little horse ... and his epic side eye.
I mean. Look at that skeptical thing. How could you not love it?


  1. Glad to hear everyone is giving you a break and doing well!

  2. Yay that everyone is on the mend (Lyra and Pig) and that Bast is being his rocking baby horse self 😁 and that you enjoyed a treat yo'self moment with the licorice -- yum!

  3. When my dog broke a tooth, the dentist told us we could soak her food with water and then mash it up, gradually decreasing the water. Maybe a better option than stinky canned food?

  4. oh man, so glad things are getting better!

  5. Let's hope that Bast doesn't get jealous of all the attention the others are getting! I'm glad that Pig is on the mend- i was really worried. Lyra is looking awesome.

  6. So glad everyone is on the mend! It was actually kinda dicey there for a sec <3

  7. glad everyone is better and Bast has the BEST side eye. I am glad you posted that photo again so i can keep going back and look at it :)

  8. So happy about all of these updates <3 <3

  9. Black licorice is THE BEST! Glad to find someone else who loves it!


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