Happy Holidays!

Hope you're all having a lovely holiday!
"Well, Lyra? Are you having a good holiday?"
Bast is getting a bit of a long break while I visit with family and friends.
"Oh, so you are?!"
I think the time away will be good for us both.
"How about you, old man?"
Hopefully he'll spend the time reflecting on all the good stuff he's learned.
"Here, have a Christmas kiss."
Though, I am pretty sure he's going to spend the time going completely feral instead.
"And you too, Lyra."
Ah well. As long as the whole animal family stays happy and healthy, I'll consider it a successful holiday.
"Come on guys! Get excited!"
Why do they always look so long suffering? Lol.
How about you? Anyone planning holiday vacation rides? Trail rides in the snow? Photos with Santa? Anyone else giving their horses a break?
Wishing you all a lovely time!


  1. My horses get to continue their 2 month vacay because now that I can ride, it's freezing cold! And I'm a wuss in the cold. Looks like at least another 10 days off for them. Merry Christmas!

  2. Mine are hiding in their stalls right now because of the freezing rain! I did get to ride yesterday- it was warm and lovely. I suspect rides will be few and far between until March. I love how your animals are humouring you.

    1. Ew! Freezing rain is the worst! Hope your weather cooperates so you can get out some!

  3. Happy holidays! LOL I am cracking up at Lyra's expressions

  4. i love these pics <3 happy christmas!

  5. You guys are too cute I threw up. Happy Holidays!

  6. These photos are adorable! Happy holidays, and enjoy your trip!


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