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Transformation Tracking (Conformation Edition)

A happy boy. October 2021  I guess one of the benefits to not posting for a whole year is getting to do a lot of great transformation posts. These are just so much fun, I can't resist doing a bunch of them! For today, we're just going to stick to looking at Bast's conformation photos from the beginning to now. Since he came directly off the track to me, it's especially fun to track the changes in his body as we've transitioned him from the track to life as sport horse, and finally into competitive dressage. Let's get started! August 2017 (5 Years Old) 1 month post last race. Fit, lanky, weird, and very narrow everywhere. Of note: the lack of muscle on the top of his butt and a more developed underneck vs topline. This was Bast the Blank Slate, and the picture I purchased him from. April 2018 (6 Years Old) About 7 months into life as a sporthorse. We were dealing with pretty significant ulcer issues here, which were causing his coat to look like absolute garbage.

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