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My Coyote ... friend? Eek!

As you may have guessed from my preferred choice of dog companion, I'm kinda in love coyotes and wolf-like creatures. (PSA. Neither of my dogs has any "wolf blood". They are 100% doggy breeds. They just look and act like wild things, as I prefer it.) "Sister Lyra, we don't look that  much like coyotes? Right? Right?! " Due to my long-time love and respect for wild canines, I was really excited when a family of coyotes made a den next door to the farm this spring. Growing up in the Midwest, I'd seen (and heard!) plenty of coyotes. However, coyotes are quite notoriously shy. All my encounters were from quite far away. This year, all that changed. The area in and around DC has experienced an explosion in the coyote population. Hell, this year a coyote was even spotted on the National Mall. #just2020things So, that family of coyotes at the farm? Yeah, they've become a regular visitor in my barn life. In February, a coyote trailed Bast and my dogs on a ri

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