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Running through First Level

I didn't intend to keep it a secret that I'm planning to show Bast this weekend, but I guess I did it unintentionally. So, uh, surprise guys! We're heading to a show!

Back when COVID started, I wasn't sure if I would show at all this year. Bast was at a totally weird place in his training, and I didn't really want to show first level again. But then his training has gotten way better (amazing how that works when you have the time and energy to devote to it), and I am excited about the possibility of getting some additional scores. So when a friend mentioned trying for her bronze medal scores this year, I was all in with my little guy.

Of course, we haven't schooled a centerline and halt since our last show almost a year ago. And, I haven't really been practicing the type of prompt riding that dressage tests require. Running through my tests was a requirement to feel slightly more prepared for this weekend. 
We're signed up for First 1 and First 2. Since 1-…

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