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Last Chance @ By Chance?

I better start off this post by explaining the judging dynamic at this show. I was surprised to find that my ring had two judges, a “big R” judge at C and a “little r” at B. At the smaller USDF shows I tend to come to, we typically only have one judge at C. At larger competitions and championships, it’s more common to find judges at B and M. When more than one judge is present, their scores are averaged for rider’s final score.

For those who have never shown under two judges, it’s always good to know that the judge at C is the “head of the ground jury” or in charge of the whole operation. That’s the person you salute to (please don’t waste time saluting to everyone), and the person in charge should anything go wrong in your test (like you go off course, or your horse bites his tongue and is bleeding). Typically the judge at C will be the judge with more experience.

All that to say, I ended up with 4 score sheets for my two tests this week. It’s kinda fascinating to see all the feedba…

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