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Weird And Wooly Wednesday (And Contest Winner Announcement!)

I'm so loaded down with work and personal life, that blogging has taken a backseat. Fortunately for you guys, my personal activities are mostly horse related. I'm trying to jot off a few quick update posts for this week documenting some of our goings-ons, as they're pretty fun! (Stay tuned to the bottom for the winner of my Janet Foy book contest, too!)

Up first? Gallops with Liz during her visit last weekend to audit Janet Foy (write up still coming when I have time to think!). I finished pouring through the photos taken of the two of us last week, and couldn't stop giggling at Pig's expression. He is such a moody character, especially when I pair him with other people.
Thoroughbreds, man. Some of them are too much like German Shepherds... They're overly devoted to their one person, and an equal opportunity asshole. If that doesn't describe Pig, I don't know what does!

I know you guys (like me) love Pig, so I couldn't resist sharing these photos o…

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