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Woof Wear Dressage Boots, A Review

Guys, I did it again. I spent money I shouldn't have on something purely because I'm addicted to the #matchymatchy lifestyle. Send help. I have a problem. This time instead of another LeMieux pad, I splurged on a set of Woof Wear Dressage Boots to match my teal set. And, guys, they were so worth the dollars.
Teal can be such a hard color to match, and I was already lucky my teal Kastel Denmark shirt matched my LeMieux pad. I figured I was testing things by adding in another brand, but couldn't resist the WoofWear boots. Somehow the teal gods aligned, and these boots are another perfect match. Against Bast's shiny bay coat, this set is brilliant.

Of course, I didn't just buy these to match. I already have teal wraps that are perfect with this set. However, the weather over the past year has been just terrible. It's rained so much, the idea of wrapping a horse in polos and liners only to tramp through mud or a soggy arena can be disheartening. My favorite DSB boo…

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