The Show(s) That Will Be

Shows that will be documented here soon, that is. Since I just wrapped them up yesterday! So until I get everything together, enjoy these candid moments from the weekend!

In case anyone forgot Bast is barely 15.3. Here's your quarterly reminder that he's smol!

We experienced a range of weather for this show weekend. Saturday morning the remnants of Laura rolled through Maryland, bringing stifling humidity, strangely isolated storms, and drenching rain. Loading the trailer that morning, I was completely soaked through in both sweat and rain. So obviously a super pleasant kickoff.

The day only got better, though. My friend's first ride was in a downpour, but the rest of our time was spent under increasingly sunny skies. In fact, I was sunburned by the time we left. Plus, Emma came out to help us for the day, since our ride times were literally on top of each other.

While shows aren't allowed spectators, these observant folk sure did their best to cheer on everyone. Note Bast attempting to hold his much larger friend's halter. I had to take it off, since it was so absurdly huge on his little face.

By Sunday things had made a turn for the perfect. The morning air was crisp as I braided Bast. The show itself was drenched in sunlight, without the oppressive heat and humidity more common to this summer. I couldn't get enough.

Due to COVID, the shows are scheduled quite strangely these days. My friend and I wrapped up our tests before noon. However, our classes wouldn't be finished until late afternoon. This show was quite local to our farm, so it was not a complete tragedy to realize we'd need to wait to collect any ribbons.

From freshly braided to wildly floofy! It's the best transformation!

So Sunday afternoon, we took the boys home and headed back ourselves at the end of the day to check the scores and placings. It's a good thing we did, since both my friend and I won a class each, and thus a free beer at the Waredaca brewery attached to the farm. We walked over to redeem our tokens and fill our fancy new cups!

Excellent Waredaca beer, super local cheese, and a fancy new mug makes for an excellent impromptu picnic.

Such a wonderful way to end a weekend of showing... with a good beer, good friends, and good weather. Detailed breakdown on the tests and Bast's performance to come!


  1. How neat that there is a brewery attached to the show facility!

  2. Now that sounds super cool to have a brewery sponsored show! I love it!

  3. what fun that was!! sorry about the humidity and rain but looks like the end result was worth it! :)

  4. I'm sorry you just buried the lede! FREE BEER FOR WINNING A CLASS?!? What the what?!


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