Sunday Double Days

My Sundays in January have been long days. In an effort to hit my goals, I've been trying to add in extra conditioning for Guinness without adding an extra day of driving to the barn on frighteningly icy roads or frigid temperatures. (Yeah, yeah ... in case you hadn't noticed. All of us up here in the Northlands are freaking freezing this winter!)

So, Sundays have been pony triathlons of a sort. I get the barn early, and do a 30-45 minute dressage school on Guinness in the indoor. I try not to make this ride super strenuous, but we don't laze out either. It's certainly work for both of us.
I've got those Dressage Skillz ... 
After dressaging time, I throw Guinness in a stall with his blanket on and a manger full of alfalfa to keep him busy.
Pig: "Om, nom nom nom. Alfalfa!"
Dogs: "Run? Cat?! OMG!!"
A quick change of clothes has me ready for my own workout, and I take my dogs out on a 3-4 mile run around the country roads. Brrrr!
We solemnly swear we are up to no good ... 
Finally back at the barn, I throw my riding clothes back on (often on top of my running clothes ... LAYER UP!). Guinness gets tacked back up, and the whole menagerie goes for a 4+ mile walking hack around the area. We try to hit lots of hills, stay off the ice (hahahaha, is this possible?!), and keep a nice pushing walk going. This is usually an hour or so of extra exercise, and I think the whole crew appreciates the slow pace and change of scenery.
Sigh. Yesssss ... 
It's a nice (though exhausting!) way to end a weekend. Plus, I get to lounge around the house all evening with zero guilt about my laziness. Success!


  1. Sounds like a bunch fo work but I'm sure you'll see all the rewards of all that hard work soon.

  2. Loooove the idea of getting out with all the animals like that for exercise and scenery!

  3. Impressed you can leash your dogs on horseback!

    1. It took some special dog training (commands for left, right, "come in", "get out", and a leash detangling command as well as general leash manners) and a nice calm and dog friendly horse, but we get it done.

      What you see is actually an extendable leash (I hate them, but they work remarkably well in this case to keep the extra line out of my horse's way!) with a safety snap attached via twine. It's not safe, but it's as safe as I can make it!

  4. You all are going be in top condition come Spring! So impressed with your motivation thru this awful cold!

    1. I tend to like cold weather, but the wind recently has been killer!


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