An Ode to the Memory of Equines

Last night, Guinness and I officially went back to work after and unprecedented 19 days off. We won't even mention the two weeks of semi-break we were on prior to the start of holiday vacation. The ride wasn't demanding, or long (only 30 minutes, that's barely a ride for us!); however, it went well. Plus, I experienced a miracle.

My horse remembers everything.

I'm completely floored. I've never taken a break this extended while in serious training, and wasn't really sure what to expect from my horse. His eagerness and cheerfully responsive manner really impressed me yesterday. You couldn't tell that 19 days had passed since our last lesson. He was light in my hand, forward to my leg, and very willing to pick up right where we left off on the shoulder-in and turn on the haunches.

Color me impressed, and eager to get back to it full time!

Happy horse is cheerful!


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