Of course with the purchase of a new saddle and copious saving happening to fund next year's show season, I've been trying to save money however I can. So, this month I made it my goal to clean out my tack boxes and finally sell all the things I've collected over the years and no longer use/need. Turns out, there's a lot of it.

I've photographed most of it, and have that listed below. More is coming, however, so I've made a page at the top of my blog where you can easily access my sale items. I'll keep that page current, adding things as I find them and cleaning things out that are sold. Enjoy!

I bring you... THE SALE LIST!
All prices are flexible. Feel free to make offers. You can contact me at

County Competitor Dressage Saddle | Extra Wide | 17.5 | 2005 manufacture
• Fantastic show-ready condition.
• Black, with some fading at wear points.
• Wither gussets allow it to fit a wider variety of horses.
• Supremely comfortable, with nicely sized thigh blocks that do not restrict.
$1,500 OBO

HDR 5-Point Breastplate | Full Sized | "Australian Nut" (Havana with reddish brown padding)
• 5 point attachment with elastic and running martingale attachment
• Fleece padding at stress points for added comfort and protection
• Almost new condition, only used a handful of times and well-maintained.
$80 OBO

No-Name Bridle | Full Sized | Havana 
• Plain Snaffle Bridle, with regular caveson
• Well broken in and maintained, though not great quality leather.
• Comes with nicely broken in laced reins.
$30 OBO

Camelot Rubberized Web Reins with Stops | Horse Size | Brown
• In great shape, barely used.
• Already broken in and conditioned!
• Comes with rubber rein stops for use with a running martingale.
$20 OBO

Standing Martingale | Horse Size | Red-Brown
• Pretty, show-quality leather.
• Barely used, really just broken in and conditioned!
• Complete with rubber stopper, ready to use!
$50 OBO

Bates Calfskin Covered Stirrup Leathers | 54" | Brown
• GORGEOUS leather
• Barely used, really just broken in and conditioned. So, no ugly crease spots from long use!
• These are them:
$80 OBO

The Elite Show Coat | Size 12 | Hunter Green
• In great shape
• Dry-cleaned and ready to go!
$65 OBO


  1. I have that exact same breastplate and I love it :). Yay for tack sales! I just cleaned out my stuff as well, but it all went to fellow boarders haha.

    1. I love it! If I thought I'd be eventing again any time soon, it would not be on the sale rack!

  2. What horse did the County fit? Flat-backed horse or more curvy? I'm looking for a dressage saddle for a Haffie with a very curvy back - I had a County a million years ago and LOVED IT.

    1. Haha, the horses it's fit best have been Jen of Cobjockey's Welsh Cob Connor, and Kelly of DressagePony's Cob Sinari.

      I'd say the chances of it fitting a Haffie are very, very good! The back panels have already been taken in slightly to accommodate a horse with a shorter back - so you won't see those monster flat panels like most modern Countys.

      That saddle is seriously THE MOST COMFORTABLE. Ever.

  3. Might be interested in the 5-point, I have one and with two completely different sizes its a pain to change the adjustments

  4. Just out of curiosity, what exactly do the wither gussets do?

    1. They actually help improve fit around the withers, and are especially usefully if a horse has dips behind the withers or is a wide horse with prominent withers and needs help with clearance.
      Really useful with thoroughbreds!


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