January Goals

... yeah, I'm giving this another try. You wanna fight about it?

While riding this month, I will ...

  1. Keep up with my Day One riding journals.
  2. Bring GP back to pre-break fitness with a LOT of long slow miles.
  3. Improve my transitions from bent to straight and back again.
  4. Practice getting a soft, forward halt until I go blue in the face.
  5. Add flexion to my shoulder-in without wiggling off the rail.
Five goals seems like a lot, but they are all pretty simple "back to basics" goals that should be easily conquered this month. 
More of this ... 

Personally, this month I will ...
  1. Blog weekly. (oh dear ...)
  2. Bring myself back into shape with lots of long, slow miles. 
  3. Increase my strength training to twice a week.
  4. Practice coding  more difficult bits of script. 
  5. Finish the web designs I've been fiddling with.
Oh January, why do you already seem so short?


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