Snowmaggedon 2014

I certainly have not kicked off this new year by jumping into a flurry of activity. After a long holiday break full of driving (somewhere upwards of 1,735 miles total), I settled back in at home only to be hit by a snowstorm the first night back. Then just a few days later, the dreaded "Polar Vortex" descended upon my little town. Only today are folks really starting to dig out of the snowtastrophe that has covered everything, and plunged temperatures down to a low of -15F. All three local colleges have been closed for the past two days (Hurray for adult snow days!), but unfortunately the days off have not been able to be terribly productive as the roads remained nearly impassible and the temperatures frigid.
Of course the Siberians would be the only dogs at the dog park as the snow started really falling.
Needless to say, Guinness remains on an extended break. I did get out to ride him once before Snowpocalypse 2014 attempted to freeze out all life in my town, but it was a light ride. He's feeling good, and remembers his training. However, he felt stiff from the cold and lack of regular work, and I felt completely out of sync and out of shape.
How I found the horses the day before the storm. Yes, the barn dog loves to sleep in the straw with them.
No gym for me, sadly. It seems these roads and dangerous windchills have conspired to keep me out of shape for the time being!
My feeling is not surprising, as my New Year's trip (four lovely days in a rental home with many close friends (including Jen from Cobjockey!) resulted in 13 people eating 4 quarts of heavy cream, 6 lbs of butter, and an untold amount of chips, queso, popcorn and other sundry goods and absolutely no exercise. The food was truly gourmet quality, but I am feeling incredibly fluffy and sadly weak. Something must be done.

Unfortunately, the gyms have remained closed due to weather. My only recourse is working out in my home (bletch) or going for long walks with the dogs. I've chosen the later, despite the frigid temperatures. Yesterday I braved a high of -10, and walked the dogs three miles through the city. Though the snow is nearly knee high in places, it was really a pleasant walk. I realized halfway through that I am much too efficient when it comes to dressing for winter, as I had managed to layer up to the point of sweating. Even my fingers were hot. The dogs, being Siberians were complete happy nut jobs, running through huge snow drifts and generally acting like crazies. Much fun was had by all.
Apparently, it was cold...
From my outpost in snow-buried Indiana, I wish you all warm fingers, dry toes, snuggly ponies, and safe roads. It's back to the real world tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed the road to the barn is more passable than I hear it is now. I miss my Guinea Pig.


  1. In the MidWest the Flurries HIT YOU!

  2. I read a Facebook post where somewhere reported their 5 yr old said, 'When you run outside, it feels like you're naked!' So true - hope all is well at the barn when you get out there. Ky got the cold but no snow.

  3. This has been the most fun winter ever for the Sibes! With the roads impassible, it was fun to let black dog off leash and watch him roar up and down the road in snow up to his chest! I just wish it had been warm enough to work my fingers and get photos.


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