End of Year Goal Review

It's that time again, year end goals! 

2013 Goals:

Keep Guinness sound and happy. Keep his feet rock-crunching and his arthritis as minimal as possible:
Success! Other than some unfortunate and unavoidable injuries, Guinness stayed sound and happy all year. In fact, this year was one of the best as far as his arthritis goes. He never demonstrated a need for injections, and really only exhibited stiffness a couple of times as the season changed. Whoo! His feet stayed remarkably bruise-free all year, and were easier than ever to maintain.

Achieve Bronze Medal scores at First. (Try to do it by spending a minimal amount at Recognized shows) For those unfamiliar, the USDF Bronze Medal scores must be achieved thusly: 2 scores at 60% or above in 2 separate rides by two separate judges. To complete a Bronze you must have scores at 1st, 2nd and 3rd:
Alllllllmost! While I did achieve two tests above 60% at a recognized show, they were unfortunately both under the same judge. Our attempt under a different judge was a stressed out mess, and we missed 60% narrowly. I decided not to make another attempt and work on schooling. 

Keep up with regular lessons (one monthly). Continue to become a more effective and sympathetic rider. 
Absolute yes! While I didn't have a lesson every month, I did manage a lesson most months. Plus, my riding is almost unrecognizable from the first part of the year to the last. I'm so happy with where Guinness and I are heading, and I know that we'll make it to Second. That's such an accomplishment!

Maintain regular blogging, attempting for once a week (3 times a month, minimal). 
Haha. I almost made this! October was such a rough and busy month for me, I let blogging get away from me. Luckily, I did manage to keep up for the rest of the year!

2014 Goals

  • Keep Guinness sound and happy, keeping his feet and arthritis managed well.
  • Finish my 1st Level scores for my Bronze Medal.
  • Successfully show Second Level, with an average above 62% in both schooling and recognized shows.
  • [Stretch] Get my Bronze Medal scores at Second Level
  • [Stretch] Show at the Kentucky Horse Park
Whew. It feels good to have those out there. Now, to go ride my horse before this massive blizzard rolls through!


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