Hey guys! It's starting to be a big thing in blogs for people to give away items to readers for answering a few questions. Now, I know my following isn't big, but I like to make sure I'm not out of the loop. So .... without further ado I am pleased to announce:

The first Guinness on Tap Giveaway!

On the line: A grab-bag type piece of mysterious horse-related tack or supplies. (Basically, I haven't figured out what you get yet, but it's probably worth about $10-$30).

To win: Simply respond to this post or my personal Facebook page and identify as many pieces of tack and equipment adorning my lovely TB model. The first person with the most complete and detailed response gets the prize. Yes, you can win by saying the brand as well as the type of tack - if you know it!

Rules: Play fair. No calling me with questions. No breaking into my barn to see logos (Cause seriously ... how freaking creepy is that?!). All the info you need to win is in the photo below. No purchase necessary.

Make sure you include your name and a way to contact you with your entry. You wouldn't want your random piece of horse stuff lost in the mail!

Enjoy and best of luck!

P.S. Yes. This is the best I can come up with while doing road hacks. Deal.


  1. Phillipe Fontaine Renee saddle.
    Fleecy keyhole pad, probably Dover brand because they're cheap and I have one too.
    Newmarket exercise rug/quarter sheet
    Breastplate thing...
    Maroon saddle pad, slightly faded
    Reins from bridle with flash noseband
    Maybe some side reins? Do you use side reins?
    And that grey thing in the saddle is probably you.

  2. What Jen said (I'm lazy and don't feel like retyping it all) except no side reins, a 5 point fleece padded breastcollar, your reins appear to be rubber, and I think your bridle has a figure 8 noseband not a regular flash...
    This is Trish BTW

  3. I forgot to add that I am envious of your 5 point breastcollar which is either a Wellington or an Ovation ( can you tell I've been shopping for horse gear?), and the Rambo Newmarket quarter sheet is the Sunflower or Gold pattern I believe.
    Trish again :)

  4. Tricia, I can totally tell you've been shopping! While you're at it, GP had the chin-piece of his nylon halter gnawed off in turnout yesterday. I'm on the lookout for a cheap break-able nylon in burgundy. Cheap means under $25. Why is this so hard?

  5. Also, the breastcollar was $99 at my local tack shop. I think the price might have been a mistake, but I snapped it up as quickly as possible. Just in case ;)

  6. I hate you a bit right now. Lol. However I did find you this which may be too big but theres TONS of stuff on this website (and almost everything comes in ORANGE! Squee!) and also check out :) Muah!


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