Breed to Beautiful!

Meet Salute the Truth!

This stallion has some serious cred, even running at the most advanced levels of eventing! But, what his most qualifying trait is how much he looks like Guinness. Seriously, check this out!

I mean? Seriously? I would DIE to own this stallion ... or an up and comer by him. His foals are fabulous and he certainly is everything I would look for in a thoroughbred.

So, looking to breed to a TB? Try Salute the Truth.

- all photos from Dodon Farm's website.


  1. Very similar markings! I agree, "Willy" as we know him at Dodon is a real looker. His 2010 foal, Frankly True looks like a miniature of him - you can see him here: Good luck with Guinness!

  2. That is the most adorable foal I've seen in a long time! Of course, with that family (his sister, whew!) he'd have to be, eh? It's hard to resist one like that.

    Thanks for luck, we'll need it!


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