Oops Moment!

Found: Abandoned in indoor arena. Appears to have been well cared for and trained. I'm sure owner will be looking for it.

Damn. There goes our hope of showing at the Majestic Farms schooling show. This sucks because Guinness and I had really worked out quite a but during our conditioning ride, and I think he was completely ready for Training tests 2&3.

Now, here I am waiting for the farrier. I'm torn between having the other shoe just pulled off and going 100% to bare with boots, or keeping on pads for another cycle. Ugh! Horse! Why you so difficult?!

I have been taking steps to change diet. Starting with soaking hay. GP likes more that way anyway. Especially when I soak it in hot water, cause baby it's been cold outside.

For now, I'm sitting here bracing for a fight with my farrier and dreaming of tonight's delicious valentine's day meal. I hope it's as wonderful as I have planned, especially since the man in question certainly deserves it!

Hope you all are having a good valentine's day and eating lots of good chocolate! Try this cake on for size, you won't be disappointed! Chocolate cake!!
Location:The barn