The Pig Has No Shoes ... Again

Monday was a big day for us. Guinness had his shoes pulled, and my farrier didn't make me feel guilty. Wahoo!

Look at those beautiful toes!

After telling my farrier that I didn't feel that shoes and pads were doing anything but bandaiding my problem, he agreed. He told me that if I could keep Guinness comfortable and avoid bruising, we would have just as much luck barefoot as in shoes - then, he pulled them, did a little evening up and we called it a day.
Luckily, my farrier will be at the farm for the next 2 weeks. That way, if I have any problems he is on hand to help me out. I can't get better than that, plus the soft ground is helping too!

Yesterday I ordered a new set of Cavallo Sport Boots to replace the worn out pair of original Old Macs of the barn's that I have been using. I'd stick with free, but GP thinks that they are a little too clunky to walk or canter normally in (though trotting appears to be fine?), plus one is completely busted at the buckle. In addition, the Cavallo boots are awesome, in that they are all velcro and super fast to put on. How much better can you get for something I'd be putting on and taking off about 3 times a day. Jeesh! I can't wait the 2-5 days for delivery!

Since Tuesday, Guinness and I have been following advice from internet friends and my farrier and going for long walks on the asphalt of the surrounding neighborhoods. I think being barefoot is making GP more comfortable out there, as there has been much less bit chomping and nervousness. Instead I have a horse who has been all business. He pretty much just marches onward, ears pricked and looking all directions. He's relaxed and happy, and that's awesome!

Now for some gratuitous hoof photos. Sorry about the photo qualities, balancing an iphone in the rain is difficult, okay!

On a lighter note, my horse is a trouble maker in turnout. He's a mouthy little thoroughbred if I've ever met one. Two weeks ago he ripped apart a cone and ate a book of dressage tests left in the ring. This week, he's setting up trot poles. Raven and Joe are helping ...

I actually got worried that GP had this pole stuck in his mouth. He held it for over 5 minutes without shifting. Meanwhile, Raven licked his neck and made faces. When I walked out there, I found that silly pony was just playing ...
I think my favorite part is how they scare themselves! Anyone else have a horse who is a riot in turnout?


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