A Beautiful Day!

The sun is out, the wind is tamed, and the temperature is utterly perfect for equine activity. Who can resist spending the morning at the barn, throwing all the doors open, currying out some loose winter fur, and cleaning stalls? Yes, even cleaning stalls.

Yesterday, while much windier and cooler than today, Guinness got himself a bath. To put it mildly, he was not pleased. In fact, his face looked very little like this:

Instead he looked quite a bit more evil, and snake-like. Imagine pinned back ears, wrinkled nostrils, bared teeth, and a certain "crazed" look in the eye and you'll have a smidge of an idea of what I had to deal with. Once properly clean, we headed out to dry in the sun and epic winds. Unfortunately, these scared the crap out of my GP, and he spent most of the time quivering at the end of the leadrope and scanning the horizon for wind-demons.

Finally, our road hacking has been going fabulously - if you don't count the trash-truck, the wind-powered trash can, the ominous whistling pine trees and the mailman of doom. BUT! Below find evidence of the motor-foot himself working hard on the streets!

And video of the champ!!
YouTube Video
Seriously, we were totally following the speed limit!