In my last goals post, I hinted at some upcoming changes for the boys. Well guys, today is the day. The boys are becoming permanent roommates! This has been a move in the works for a long time, but it was pushed up to this week recently. An opening exists in Pig's field, and Bast will be moving down to join his brother.
Wait, what? I moving down here?!
While I'm excited, I'm also nervous. It's always nerve wracking to move a horse into a new turnout group. This time there's another dynamic. One of Pig's pasture mates is a rather opinionated mare, something new for Bast. As Bast does already have a foal on the ground from his time before gelding, I'm a little curious to see how he'll react.
Olivia, on the right, will keep Bast in his place though. I'm sure.
The mare is a very clear communicator. She might be good for Bast, keeping him in his place with strong leadership. Pig should also help, as he has enjoyed biting his brother since the day I brought him home.

Either way, Bast is going to go through some struggles this week. He's going to be missing his bestie (and worst influence, ugh). The two boys are inseparable in their current situation, and really need to be pulled apart. It's for everyone's sanity.
Two besties. Two idiots.
So with all that in mind. Keep your fingers crossed that things go smoothly today. I have off tomorrow, so I'm hoping to spend time watching the new herd dynamics and ensuring things get off to a smooth start (as well as reorganize all my things).


  1. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition!

  2. Fingers crossed for you! It is certainly nerve-wracking, and I hope everything goes well for all of the ponies!

  3. Good luck! I hate integrating new horses in pastures, but I hope all goes well! (And I'm sure it will!)


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