Piggy Prep

This old man, he is my heart.
Ever since Pig's condition failed last spring, I've been scheming to get him back to a farm with good pastures for the summer. I can't bear to watch him waste away for another season, or continue to keep him in a stall just so he can be fed grain he otherwise doesn't need.

It's funny to me that as Pig ages his care needs get more complicated and expensive. I know so many people who retire their horses without spending so much time and effort keeping them happy and healthy. Meanwhile, my old man seems to be becoming even more high maintenance as the years pass. I tell him often how lucky he is that I love him and owe him, or he'd already be dog food. (Joking! Obviously!)
Last spring, as the weight began to fall off him.
Through a whole bunch of things lining up perfectly, an opportunity has opened which allows me to move Pig back to the same farm as Bast. When my barn manager told me about the chance to have Pig back in a field board situation at the farm, I literally started shaking. It's a dream to move him back where I know he is comfortable, happy, and cared for so well.
It's also a dream to have these two monsters on the same farm again!
Opportunities exist at the fancy barn that don't exist for Pig where he is now. Most notably, I might have the opportunity to have someone ride him more regularly. I'm very particular about who rides him, making sure that anyone who hops on him is comfortable with his unique brand of curmudgeonly behavior. He's a sensitive soul, and requires a firm attitude, but gentle hand. This barn has a handful of people I trust to take him out, and so I'm hoping he can get back to fitness.
While hiking up and down these two hills does keep him somewhat fit, it's nothing compared to riding.
Pig's move is scheduled for this weekend. In preparation, I've been trying to make him seem less like the abandoned red-headed stepchild he has become (or always has been). This means lots of grooming, baths, and riding... and also a mane chop.
So. Much. Better.
Fingers crossed Pig's move this weekend goes smoothly, and he settles into the farm quickly and easily. I'm so excited to see him almost every day, and know that he's being carefully watched over when I can't make it out. Also, the grass in his new pasture is already coming in lush and beautiful. He's going to enjoy himself so much!
Pig is always concerned the grass might be greener, though...


  1. Ahhh! I am freaking PSYCHED for you! I can only imagine how much simpler it will make your busy life to have both boys at the SAME PLACE.

  2. This is excellent! I als have an older, semi-retired gelding that requires vigilance. My farrier says that I. The reason he’s still living. 😊. It will be wonderful to have your boys together.

  3. I’m so happy for you!! It will be wonderful having them both in the same place :)

  4. Yay I am so happy Pig gets to move back = not only great for pig but also great for your time management!

  5. Yay!! That's great news for you and Mr. PIG!


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