A happy home

He's home!
I'll avoid prolonging your suspense. Pig's move on Saturday evening went very smoothly. In fact, I would say it was the easiest move I've ever made with this horse. He followed me meekly onto a strange-to-him trailer, which has never happened before in his life. As soon as we pulled onto the property, he immediately knew where he was and was overjoyed.

I know Pig loved his time at this farm. He made very good friends in turnout, and really enjoyed the people who worked with him daily. I could see in his eyes and expression that he was excited to be back. That was payment enough for all the hard work that has gone into making this move a reality.
Home again, and so very happy about it.
After a quick rinse of all the sweat my nervous boy had worked up in the trailer, we turned him out in his new field. He's not going back in the same field he lived in before, but one on the opposite side of the property. He shares a fence line with his old-man bestie from his previous time here, however. And one of his field mates is a horse he has met before, a geriatric thoroughbred. They met each other with mutual old-man respect and a head nod. It was adorable.
Old man handshake.
The other two horses in the field are much younger. There is one mare, who rules the field with an iron hoof. She has been working hard to keep her favorite gelding away from Pig for the time being, but overall is pretty tolerant of his presence. We had some concern the first day, because the mare seemed to be keeping Pig in the run in shed, and away from the grass. However, he has since shown he is capable of pushing his boundaries and getting to the lush pasture in the back half.
Keep away games.
I love field introductions. It's so fun to watch my old horse transform back into the spirited dressage horse, in an attempt to show off to his new friends. He can still take my breath away, the old fart.
Every leg and his neck might be riddled with arthritis, but gosh darn it, he don't care.
I can't wait to see how his condition changes at this farm. He's already enjoying the better grass, and the ability to be fed regularly and watched over while still getting to move and enjoy 24/7 turnout will make all the difference in his longevity and soundness. The stalling I was doing at the other barn was making him stiff and sore.
I just want the best for you, old man.
This barn does have run-in sheds, which he has been happily using since day one. I think he missed the ability to have a place to retreat to in the weather. Hopefully that will keep him happier here than he was at the other farm.

The plan going forward is to let him settle in while I jet off on a work trip. By the time I get home, I hope to start hopping on him again for some longer trail/conditioning rides. I can't wait to get him out on our old trails with the dogs. As I told a friend this weekend, "I have my favorite all-terrain vehicle back, and I'm so excited!"
Make good choices, my happy boy.


  1. so glad you have both boys back at the same farm. SO much easier for you and your busy life and Pig does look happy. I guess I didn't realize you had moved him before so now see they are all at the same place! YAY. He looks happy! Have fun!! (Safe travels for work too!)

    1. Last spring Bast moved to the barn where Pig had been boarded. Then Bast moved back to this farm. Now Pig moved back to join him! It is kinda confusing, isn't it?


  3. aw it's good to see him home again <3

  4. I love his sweet face in all of these!

  5. The Old Man head nod hahahaha!!! He looks great!

  6. Glad to see him happy and settled in :)

  7. he looks way younger in these photos - so good to see him feeling great!

  8. So happy to see him happy and settled in :)


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