More Ride Recap Haikus

The last couple of weeks have seen my rides start to transition over from strictly conditioning to a combo of conditioning and schooling. We're starting to incorporate more 2nd and 3rd level movements and collection into rides. This sort of thing is making haiku ride recaps a bit harder to compose, but maybe that's for the best. I find they force me to really distill the important parts of each ride!

February 7
Slightly frozen ground.
A short walk up frozen hills,
still muddy beneath.
February 8
Finally relaxed,
A sound and straight horse at work,
Pushing while withers lift.
February 10
Sticky stifle hitch.
A stiff rider looking down.
Tooth grinding tension.
February 12
Early frozen morning.
Quiet arena, quiet brain.
Hard work, happy horse.

Bareback riding helps
Identifying hollow spots.
Damn horse throws me left.
February 14
Stupid cold morning.
We excel at manning up.
Also stellar ride.
February 17
Holy crap half pass!
Great both directions and gaits,
Even half halts left!

Also, two changes.
Inverted and rushed, but clean.
Maybe hopes for bronze...
February 18
Gave last estrone shot.
Maybe why this ride was rough?
'Cause going left sucked.
 February 20
Transition Hell Day.
Right lead canter departs sucked.
Now suck slightly less.
Conditioning ride,
In fancy double bridle.
Support for tired horse.
February 21
Happy forward horse.
Surprisingly quite supple,
and good in bridle.

Tracking right today,
Needed more left thigh contact,
Keeping shoulder-in.

Tall friend hopped on Pig.
Her legs so long she laughed,
Kicking him in the stifle.


  1. Love the side eye on the 10th(?). Pig is so cute and these continue to amaze me.

  2. Pig selfie on the 20th is my favorite! You've been doing an awesome job staying dedicated to riding even with your awful commute and the cold.

    1. I love that photo! He was bugging the crap out of me while I was on the phone...

      Gotta stay committed, or we'll never get through this competition season!

  3. These are great! What beautiful places you have to ride!

    1. Aw thanks! It kind of blows my mind every time I pull up to this farm!

  4. haikus make for the best ride recaps haha, i love it! (and also Pig's mareface in the feb 10th photo lol). yay for reinvigorated hopes for the bronze!!

    1. Omg. He would give Iz a run for her money when it comes to epic marestare... probably from years of being the marest of them all in a field of broodmares. ;)

    2. I know all about being the marest of them all, while still possessing boy bits. Thanks a LOT Murray.

      Half pass! Half halts! So much excitement. And is Pig's neck looking bigger?

  5. You are most definitely a master haiku-er


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