Haiku Ride Recaps

With my recent rides mainly focused on building strength and condition rather than training theories, I've found it harder to keep up with my daily ride journals. Have you ever had that issue?

One thing that's helping me is insisting each journal is written with at least one short haiku. It's both fun and challenging to distill a single ride into one three line poem, so the process has become something I look forward to. Sometimes I find myself composing lines while I ride, which an enjoyable mental break.

As such, I give you my ride journals from our first full week back in work...

January 30
Solid work in ring.
Dogs join later for trail fun.
Deep snow works those joints.
January 31
Long ride through deep snow,
then a bath, drugs, and clipping.
Still needed a twitch.

February 1
Spooky basket case,
started beautiful and soft,
alone, dramatic leaps.

So much frantic leaping.
Where is my quiet old horse.
This shit is real dumb.
February 3
Fairy tale mists fell.
Forbidding weather portents,
hot explosive spooks.

Tense and sensitive,
Slightest changes upset his,
glass case of emotion.
February 5
Time limits early rides.
Must make a difference fast.
Half halts and leg yields.

Cheerful red partner,
executes with precision.
Effective half hour.


  1. I'm seriously impressed by your haiku abilities! The 'Spooky basket case' one made me chuckle.

    1. Honestly, the spooking made me giggle. Like a school girl.

  2. These are awesome! I'm not that creative or good with syllables...

  3. Replies
    1. lol i giggled at that too. sounds about right!

    2. The horse lives in fear of damaging his glass case of emotion. I wish he'd upgrade it to a concrete one... ;)

    3. Ha! See we have one of these too so I laughed pretty hard at this point.

  4. Fitness rides are really hard to blog about, I think you took the most creative route. :)

  5. Somehow you seemed to summarize your rides so sharply! I love it


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