Seeing the way to humor during a bad time

My husband is a military doctor. An Army doctor to be exact. He works at a military hospital, on a base. Most of the time, his day is just like the day of a surgery resident in any other hospital in the country. He runs around, fixing problems, getting his hands dirty, and trying to make his stitches as tight and neat as possible.

Sometimes, though, the fact that he is on a military base comes into play. For example, when gunshots were reported and the whole base was locked down for most of the day. Or the day after the tragedy in Chattanooga, when the base leadership was on a mission to ensure all of those under their command were safe.

Those moments can be scary. Really scary.

I have a problem with fear. Namely, I feel like if you can't laugh at it, then it controls you. So I try to make sure I can laugh. Sometimes that leads to exchanges like this...
Let's be fair. There may have been reason to be concerned. I mean, I was being mugged...
Thank god for horses. Right?


  1. That picture is awesome! I need your selfie skills!

  2. Hehehe love this! Humor is always an answer in difficult situations - at least to me.

  3. Humor is definitely the answer! If you can't laugh, you'll go nuts.

  4. Yup, humor is always the answer. I would expect nothing less of you! Or Pig!

  5. Pig will keep you safe! Or be the reason that you are not safe... it's a toss up.

  6. I also deal with humor!! When we were evacuating horses from my trainer's house due to fire I was like "Well, you said you wanted to get the Bobsey twins* over to our barn for training!" and "Now you won't have to remove the yellow star thistle by hand!"

    * She has two baby ottbs, a chestnut mare and chestnut gelding that have the same white markings (except the mare has little chestnut polkadots in her socks) and they are inseparable. It's super adorbs.

    1. Omg. Adorable! Sometimes I think I offend some people because my first impulse is humor, but then I realize those are probably not the people I want to be friends with anyway. ;)

  7. i like the way you think. fear is an insidious beast and will trick us into doing all kinds of crazy things if we're not careful. thank god for horses to keep us focused on the important things: treats now lady!

  8. When it's either laugh, cry or hide, laughing is always the best option IMO

  9. Humor is the best answer- and that text is funny!


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