Emma and I Explore (or a Gelato-Fueled Tour of Equestrian Statues and Other Fun)

Since learning I'd be moving to DC, I've been excited to get together with some of the fantastic East Coast bloggers I've gotten to know over the years. Emma, being from Baltimore, was a one of my first "OMG! Let's visit!" contacts, and last Sunday we made good on that plan. (Read her recap here! She isn't as big of a slacker as me and got hers out way faster than me!)

First, Emma met me at my barn where we saddled up Pig and went for a ride. (And proceeded to get almost zero photos!) I started off by warming up Pig. He was being a super good boy, and was nicely settled in the bridle and working fairly well over his back.
Look at that. Walking like he actually can move his back, and staying in the bridle at the same time!
Photo by Emma.
It was about 9000 degrees outside (Okay, okay. No. It was 99. And humid. So, you know, close.), and Pig had worked very hard all week. I didn't want to stress him out or tire him. I pushed him to quickly run through some lateral work and was so happy with his responsiveness that I ended up trying a couple of changes too! Those were a mixed bag, but overall better than they were a few months ago.
Straight. Not totally locked in the neck. Ears up. Captain, we are ready for flight!
Photo by Emma
There was a clinic going on in the indoor, so I popped Emma up on Pig and we headed out to the outdoor where I could torture her in the heat have fun giving her a little instruction on how to ride my little redhead.

Guys, Emma is just as much of a responsive and thinking rider as her blog has her come across. As she rode Pig, I could see her figuring out what buttons she could push and how her position was affecting his way of going. At one point she exclaimed "He's so sensitive!" I had to giggle, because, well, yes. He is! I gave her a few minimal tips, and she took them and fiddled until she had them working for her. I was so impressed! I can't wait to get her back out here and give her another "lesson."

After riding we headed out for more adventures, namely the aforementioned Gelato-Fueled Tour of Equestrian Statues. Fun fact! D.C. has the largest number of equestrian statues of any city in the world. (According to Wikipedia. Take that as you will.) We only hit a fraction of them, but had a total blast in the process. Hopefully I didn't bore Emma to death with my architecture nerding during our walk! I tried to censor myself!
Such excite! Much statue! Horse.
I think the heat might have caused us to slip into a bit of delirium, but that seems to be the way of life in the D.C summer! Hopefully Emma will come back and we can hit up more of the city and get another fun ride on Pig (And maybe some video next time! I am the worst!).


  1. Such a fun day!! Can't wait to hang out with you girls!

  2. That sounds like a bunch of fun. I wish there were more people in my area! There needs to be another blogger reunion type deal.

  3. yessssss i had so much fun!! and Pig is really the coolest. next time tho i'm bringing isabel for a 'lesson' too haha

  4. Ohmahgaaaash I want to join for your next statue-gelato tour!!! Sounds like so much fun!!

  5. Fun! I love meeting other bloggers.

  6. I love blogger meetups! Way to catch all of the horse statues!

  7. Such an awesome blogger meet up - what a genius idea ♡♡♡


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