The 2014 Show Schedule, As It Currently Stands

My 2014 show season is full of a lot of hopes. I'm positive I won't hit all my goals, or go to all of my shows. But for now, here's what I'm aiming for! 

Tentative Show Schedule: 
April 19 -- Heartland Region CT & Dressage Schooling Show
• Plan to show 1st 2 and 2nd 1
• Easy first show, with lots of atmosphere. Plus, it's cheap!
• Scores here count towards IDS awards.

May 17-18 -- Harmony in the Park
• Plan to show 1st 2 and 2nd 1 both days
• Eeeeexpensive rated show. But, I need the extra score at 1st for my Bronze, and I'm interested to see what the judges have to say about the work I've put in towards 2nd. 
• Can I convince my mother to cover show fees for my birthday?

June/July -- Chevaux Schooling Show
• Show 1st 2 and 2nd 1. Maybe 2nd 2.
• Super cheap local show, 10 minutes from my barn.
• Scores count towards IDS.

July 27 -- IDS Schooling Show
• Sunday one-day show. Bletch.
• Will only attend if I need extra scores towards IDS awards.

September 5-7 -- MSEDA at the Park
• Kentucky Horse Park! Omg.
• Show 1st 2 and 2nd 1, or 2nd 1 and 2nd 2. Depending on how season has gone.
• May only show one day.
• Finances may come into play on this show, but I'd love to make the trek to KY this year.

October 4 -- IDS Championships
• Hope to qualify for at least a First Level ride-off. Will also show a 2nd level class. Just because. If I don't qualify for any awards, I will probably skip this show.

Awards Goals for 2014:

IDS High Percentage Award -- 1st Level
• I'm aiming to have a median score in the mid 60s for this year, and place higher than 5th as an AA.

IDS Championship -- 1st Level
• I'm aiming to qualify for the ride offs (I actually qualified last year, but didn't show)
• Would like to be competitive, and score in the mid 60's at the Championship ride.

Bring it 2014!
If you haven't seen yet, Hillary over at Equestrian At Heart has a contest going where you could win Higher Standards Saddle Soap. This stuff is getting crazy-good reviews. You should probably check it out! :)


  1. Replies
    1. I love going there to watch shows, it would be such a thrill to show there!

  2. I'm the same way, my show schedule is very starry, full of hope, but lots of flexibility! I hope you attain everything you want this year!

  3. Fab plans & goals, I shall keep everything crossed and be routing for you that it all goes to plan
    As I don't show here (who knows I may some day if I can suitably clean up my riding) I'm going to live vicariously through ambitiously talented bloggers like yourself :-D

    1. Aw, you guys could totally cut it in the show ring!

  4. Great goals! I am hoping you make the trek to KY - such a lovely park :)

  5. Looks like a great schedule!! We may run into each other somewhere along the way. I'd love to meet Guiness! :)

  6. My show schedule is a giant question mark stretched together with duct tape, haha.


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