Butts in Seats

In my workplace, you'll often hear us trading back and forth idea of performers and discussing their ability to "put butts in seats." Managing some of the biggest venues in the region, it's important to us that the facilities don't look empty when there is a performance going on.

What's that have to do with dressage? Well, it's also important to put your butt in your seat while riding, no? The phrase also makes me giggle, and giggling is always important when horses are involved.

Honestly, though. I've been using this sort of as a riding catchphrase recently. My last month's rides have really keyed me into one major riding issue that is keeping me from improving Guinness' collected gaits. That issue? A complete lack of depth in my seat, especially on the right.

Take the video I posted earlier this week. At both final halts, I lift my right seatbone and Guinness falls to the left in the halt. Oops. Our left lead canter departs from the walk suffer quite a bit, too. Without sinking deep on the right seatbone, I can't properly cue the canter and keep the right hind leg on the ground. 

So for now, every ride is about sitting deep on the right seat bone. I'm even practicing in my chair at work, and in my car. Last night, things came together pretty well. It's pretty obvious when I get things right, and that's heartening. 

So, get out there. Get your butt in the seat!


  1. Love lightbulb moments & awesome catch phrases! Also really love when it all comes together; isolating an issue & working to resolve it while seeing/feeling improvements - nothing beats the sense of achievement.
    Keep at it and you're going to kick butt this season! You guys rock!

    1. I can't agree more about the sense of achievement! Thanks for the confidence!

  2. I always do better at collection when I think of my butt as a sack full of rocks, otherwise I tend not to put weight in it and am too light.


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