Pretty, Shiny, Distracting Things

So in a fit of sickness-related depression, I bought a completely unnecessary, but shiny present to myself. I introduce.... my new browband!

Unlike the rest of you flashy kids, I actually enjoy keeping a pretty low key look on my horse. He's a pretty flashy red color, so there isn't a whole lot I feel I need to do to dress him up. But! I do love how a u-shaped browband can give an understated bit of fancy. You mostly see these on really nice bridles (read: out of my price range), and the shape can be tough to track down. Plus, they're also usually bedecked with enough flashy gemstones to make the Queen of England blush. I'm not a gemstone kind of girl, and I ride a pretty, but masculine, horse. I can't wait to try this on him. I think it'll help balance out his drop noseband, too. Yes?

Also, here's a bonus video clipped from my December lesson. It shows some of the walk --> halt --> walk exercise that we've been doing ad nauseam. Hope it clarifies my earlier talk about the walk for some of you! (Try not to notice how badly my purple shirt clashes with my quarter sheet. Please.)


  1. Is that a Delfina? Let me know how you like it, I was considering one of their bridles.

    1. Well spotted! I'll write an update once I get it. I'm interested to see the quality. I figured I'd rather take a chance on an unknown browband than the whole bridle :)

  2. I too love understated bling, wishing you well wear with it. :-)

  3. Very pretty! You know I don't do lots of bling either; simple but pretty is where I am at. This is a lovely browband!


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