Sick of Being Sick

After 8 long days of sickness, I was so happy to wander over to Jen of Cobjockey's barn and video her Sunday team lesson. Being around horses felt so, so good! I took some video of her ultra-adorable pony, and you should go check it out.

The cold air didn't bug me too much, so as soon as I got back home I packed up and headed out to the barn for a ride on Pig. We didn't do too much, but just hanging out with this long face felt great. It'll be another two days before I ride again (single digit/negative temperatures forcast for the next couple of days, brr!), but I'm glad I got to check in on my horse. 
Totally unflattering photo. Too happy to care.
In other Guinness news, my barn owner sent me this photo before she bundled Guinness up in another layer of blankets. Apparently the trees in his pasture were getting pretty aggressive ...
For a $30 secondhand blanket, I'm impressed it's lasted this long.
I guess I'll be spending some quality time stitching that sucker back up. I checked it out yesterday, and the hole actually goes all the way through. Way to go, tree.

Dear Mid-winter. Get better, okay?


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    1. I know! How embarrassing for him, with his hind end just hanging out. ;)

  2. I have that exact same blanket with that exact same rip and I fixed it with shoe goo!!! Horrible stuff and it has to dry for 48hrs but its kept all winter. So much easier than stitching it

    1. Shoe goo? Huh, I'd never have thought! What an idea!


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