Last work at the old barn

Let's forget about the catastrophic state of the Union, let's focus on the state of the ride!
I know Bast and I's work is going to change with the move to the big barn. With that in mind, I want to remember what our last quality of work was at the last barn. This should help me see what kinds of changes we have made, both good and bad. Always have to keep an eye on how our training is actually developing.

Our trot is finally starting to find the glimmer of straightness. He's beginning to stand up in his shoulders, finding his balance. This makes him much more handy when it comes to not getting stuck on the wall or careening around turns. The straightness is also leading to much more active trot, without as many moments behind the vertical.
Could be more through in this photo...
When we left we were finally find a great canter, especially exciting in the left lead. To the left he's always been a lot flatter and more four beat, lacking a moment of good suspension. I had a breakthrough in early December that allowed us to improve the balance. My shoulders and hips needed to better shape and guide his shoulder and hip alignment, allowing him to actually straighten and step under himself.
Not yanking on my left rein would help improve even more... Ugh.
Photos are nice, but you really need video to see the gaits and the changes we're making. Thankfully a barn friend managed to grab some video of us on one of our last days at the farm. It's a short video showing some trot and canter figure eights.
Any bets on how our training will change Bast at the new barn? Right now my money is on more straightness. Unfortunately recent rides have suggested we may have lost all semblance of uphill tendency in the canter. Whoops!


  1. After watching the video, Bast reminds me a lot of my mare! Maybe that's why I love him, hehe! Great job!

  2. I think his horn will sprout from his forehead for good, and he's going to become truly magical now that you're back home.

  3. Things are looking good!

    Out of curiosity - do you find his mouth chomping has lessened in the new bridle? My mare does the same thing too.

  4. I just read a lot of your previous posts about your process of building confidence in Bast and found them really helpful for my own baby horse. He is not under saddle yet but he definitely lacks confidence and I can see similar issues on our horizon. Thanks for sharing your workflow! :)

  5. Bring straight is like Pilates. He will get his uphill canter back.

  6. He sure is cute and coming along well!


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