DC Dogs in the Snow

Pure unadulterated happiness.
Yesterday I shared some epic photos of Bast and I galloping through the recent deep snow. Today I want to shamelessly spam you again, this time with photos of my happy huskies enjoying their favorite weather.
Seriously. This is the happiest little husky.
Not only did these dogs enjoy a long play session alongside Bast in the afternoon, they also spent plenty of time exploring the snowy streets of DC on Sunday and Monday.
"Lyra, is this your most favorite weather?"
There's something so magical about a heavy snow in the city. The entire place becomes quiet, and neighborhoods more isolated than ever. With the streets barely cleared and cars still buried in the snow, the entire place becomes a playground. Children and dogs alike frolic wildly through streets and intersections otherwise too dangerous.
28th street is usually not safe to stand in during morning rush hour...
I joke the city becomes a dog park. Off leash pups can be found frolicking everywhere. They tumble and play in the local parks, the side streets, and even alongside their cross country skiing owners. The nation's capital comes to a screeching stop, goes out in the cold, and enjoys the bliss of winter to the fullest.
Asterid would probably be a terrifying in a snowball fight.
There's nothing I love more than the cheer and camaraderie of snow loving city dwellers coming together to enjoy the rare and fleeting snow storms this region throws at us. When passing each other, layers protecting us from the cold unable to hide our gleeful smiles, we call out pleasant exchanges to each other. The aloof code of city people is forgotten in the wonder of a recent snowfall.
Though nothing can stop these city bitches from being aloof.
As you can imagine, this sort of atmosphere is absolutely impossible to resist. I found myself grabbing my camera and heading out early on Monday morning. The city was shut down, the light was beautifully perfect, and the dogs and I were vibrating with the excitement of everything.
So worth the cold fingers and damp feet.
The fun we had in our morning photo shoot made me antsy to get out to the farm. Not only did I crave galloping with my horse, but I wanted to let the dogs enjoy the snow to the fullest.
Lyra always loves snow.
Even with the city shut down, there's only so much room for the dogs to run around. I knew my wild wolfy girls would want to run in the snow until they no longer could. The farm is the only place I know where they could do this. It takes a lot of space and work to wear out a husky in the snow, you know.
I honestly don't know how I would keep these girls exercised as needed without the horse to help me keep up,.
The moment their leashes came off at the farm, they exploded with happiness.
Yeah, I doubt she has a spine sometimes too...
Both girls ran like silly things, which made me giggle over and over again. But not only did they run, they also played and leapt around.
One leap.
Honestly, it was so ridiculous.
Two leaps.
Asterid especially was ridiculous.
Three leaps, more...
Lyra is always much more interested in running, exploring, and hunting for imaginary snow lemmings. She's too regal to play hard too long. But even Lyra managed to join in on the silly play for a short time.
I love this gorgeous girl.
Honestly, I have these gorgeous animals in my life because I enjoy how crazy and full they make my life. Making time for them on a rare snow day is just one more way they cause me to enjoy life to the fullest.
Dogs, you're the best.
I know most of the US ended up coated in snow this week. Who else took their pets out to play?


  1. OMG the lack of spine photo and the "three leaps" photo. I'm still snorting in laughter.

  2. I'm fairly sure that dog doesn't have ANY bones... how does that even happen?!?!?

  3. Gorgeous photos of the puppers!

    I experienced a blizzard in NYC in '96. Shut the city down. The coolest thing ever was standing in the middle of the intersection of Canal and Broadway, by myself - I had to walk to work from Brooklyn lol. No cars, no people, nothing. It was magical.

  4. I LOVE the joy you can see on their faces! Such happy pups. Finn HATES the snow and refuses to go outside without boots and a coat on and even then bolts for the door as soon as he can. While I don't mind staying inside and warm, it makes me sad he doesn't enjoy playing in it! Such a South Carolina dog.

  5. I love huskies. I won't ever have one because SoCal is not the place for cold weather dogs like them but they are so gorgeous and just so happy.


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