This one is for Aimee

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Aimee of SprinklerBandits fame and her opinionated thoroughbred Courage.
Hello, Beautiful.
 Aimee and I talk a lot, mainly about opinionated dressage thoroughbreds and their ridiculous over abundance of demonstrable emotion.
Like so.
And so.
Having a horse who mentally and physically gives you the finger when the going gets tough is hard. You need to be an independent rider to stay confident in your training plan, and your horse's reactions.
Cause basically...
... shit is gonna happen.
You have to have faith that your plans are still on track, even when the train has literally fallen completely off the track.
I don't know what you mean...
It totally doesn't suck to have your horse drop his brains in the show ring. #sarcasmfactory
I guess what I'm trying to say is: Happy Independence Day to all of you independent people and your independent horses, like Aimee and Courage.
Don't worry, though. Being independent...
...doesn't mean you're alone.


  1. Love this independent day post
    #favourite ♡♡♡♡
    I don't have the photographic evidence but Miss Kika although not a TB or male has been know to have toy throwing from pram meltdowns

  2. I love Pig and Courage because of their attitude. Not to mention you ladies are pretty fabulous. Happy Independence Day!

  3. Oh maybe Carmen and I could join this group. :)

  4. Possible best 4th of July post right here!

  5. Yeah, I have words other than independent that I use for my horse.

  6. ROFL I love this! The support system I've found in the blogging community is unparalleled <3

  7. lolz happy independence day indeed. also this post brought back so many fond memories, as i think i was behind the camera for at least some of these lovely moments haha

  8. Love this! Happy "Independent" Day :)

  9. Wonderful post for an independent American spirit!!! ❤️👍

  10. I love this post!! What an awesome surprise. :D

  11. Haha, great post! You and Aimee and Pig and Courage are all kinds of awesome!


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