Spectating Great Meadow International 3*

Meadowbrook's Scarlet / Lauren Kieffer
In case you missed Emma's post yesterday, Emma, Megan K and I met up in The Plains, VA to cheer on the US in the FEI Nations Cup at the Great Meadow International CICO***. (Spoiler alert: US won!). As a bonus, the event was being used by the US Olympic Team as a final prep for the upcoming Rio Olympics.
Tight Lines / Will Coleman
I think it's safe to say that Emma, Megan and I had a great time at the event. The weather was gorgeous (Low humidity! Under 90 degrees! Miracle of miracles!), the course was set up for spectating, and Emma packed a crazily brilliant spread of snacks.
Look! A pony!
Of course, the horses were the real stars of the day (though, I'll never forget you crab chips!) We were sad to learn of some of the issues on course, though many seemed to happen at expected trouble spots. Like the massive corners. Whew. What a tough line!
LCC Barnaby, and seemingly difficult ride, asking  local rider Lillian Heard "Who put that bush there?!"
The corners were massive, and set at a slightly bending line. Riders really had to come in accurately and confidently to hit their mark with enough power to get through. Despite the difficulty, the question was super horse friendly. The corners seemed to read really well, and the wide open space gave the horses the option to run out easily if something in the approach wasn't right. Poor Boyd fell victim to that... (full results here)

Still much of the course was super inviting, though huge. It certainly seemed much easier than Rolex, in my unqualified ammy dressage-rider option!
Castle Larchfield Purdy / Lauren Billys
If you ever get the chance to spectate this event, I'd recommend going. It was very friendly, with the course winding around in such a way as to allow several combos to be visible at once. Plus, there were foxhounds!
Not sure if I lusted more after the hounds or the horses!
I've put together a fun slow motion compilation of some of my favorite moments of the day, included below. I think it's a fun little 3 minute break, guaranteed to bring a little joy and energy into your day!
Riders featured (in order of appearance): Lauren Kieffer/Meadowbrook's Scarlet; Alexandra Knowles/Sound Prospect; Lauren Kieffer/Veronica; Phillip Dutton/Mighty Nice; Holly Payne/Never Outfoxed; Waylon Roberts/Kelecyn Cognac; Will Coleman/Tight Lines; Boyd Martin/Welcome Shadow; Lillian Heard/LCC Barnaby; Hannah Sue Burnett/Under Suspection; Marilyn Little/Demeter; Clark Montgomery/Loughan Glen


  1. mmmmmm crab chips!!! so much salty!! but also yea awesome slo mo video and nice choice of music! you're way better at keeping track of all the riders than i am too lol

    1. Needs moar crab chips! Like. Maybe right now.

      Re: riders. I maaaay have had to cheat and watch clips of the USEF video to see who was wearing what so I could narrow down between plain bays. Whoops!

    2. god youre way more dedicated than me. i was like i haev no idea who this is here have a picture.

      you and your crab chips.

  2. Yeah actually you don't want a hound. Ask me how I know.

    1. Lol. No I don't want a hound. They smell funny (oil-less husky coats are the best!) and follow their noses a bit too much. Of course, so do huskies. And usually huskies are faster about leaving the premises. But huskies also don't bark. ;)

    2. Hounds don't bark either. They have a range of vocal options, use the entire thing, and each sound is louder and more annoying than the last.

      They are sweet and cuddly, but definitely do smell and are rather simple creatures... yeah.

  3. Man, you guys sure have a lot of fun together! Great pics and video, so cool!

  4. Great video!!! We definitely need a Fair Hill outing again this year!

  5. The gift are mesmirising in the best way. What a fab weekend!

  6. Definitely calmed down my busy work day! Looks like a fun event

  7. Super random... Lillian Heard used to board at the barn I boarded at in MD back when I lived up there with Cash! Small world!


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