Horses, Huskies, and Husbands: A Family Photo Break

Over Rolex weekend, Allison and her husband visited us in DC. We'd arranged the day specifically to have family portraits taken. Other than our wedding, my husband and I have never had professional photos done of the two of us. Plus, we have no good photos of the whole family (two and four legged) together.

Mike did an amazing job. I'm going to just let his work speak for itself... mostly.
New conformation shot?
Dapple chestnut. It's a thing.
You can run, but you can't escape... THE BATDOG
That eye. Perfection.
This is how we pep talk in this family.
Maybe my favorite riding photo ever.
Turns out my head fits perfectly between his cheeks.
One sassy girl-dog
Best. Family. Photo. Ever.
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Haughty White Dog is haughty. Devoted Black Dog is devoted.
Ear kisses. It's the weird way we show affection. I love this photo so much.
Happy Monday everyone... 


  1. So beautiful ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Replies
    1. (But also. I will NEVER get tired of that photo of Sonka stalking Lyra. Never. lol)

    2. Beddog. No... Batshark. No... BATTLE SHARK. Yes. (This is how my black dog gained another goofy nickname.)

  3. Lyra's back leg in the #giggles photo...I died.

    Amazing shots that really truly capture everyone's essence. <3LOVE

    1. That wayward foot is my favorite part too!!

  4. omg I love them all!! What gorgeous photos. A++ photography.

  5. These are amazing! Love them!

  6. I love these!!!! Also, what a gorgeous farm!

  7. omg gorgeousss photos. i love your pups!! WE SHOULD'VE BROUGHT THEM

  8. These are beautiful! Pig looks SO GOOD!

  9. SO SO delighted that you love them!! We had a blast with you guys - You, Christian, and the furry kids are the BEST models ever! :D

  10. Wow so many stunning pictures! You guys are a good looking family

  11. GORGEOUS! Btw, that head/neck shot of solo Pig is dying to be a drawing... ;)

  12. These are absolutely GORGEOUS. <3

  13. They are so beautiful!!

  14. JEALOUS. Looks like Alli will need to take a trip to CA soon!!!


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