Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Show weekend...

April really snuck up on me this year. This shouldn't be surprising, as I just finished the post detailing my 2nd lesson with Stephen from last month (meanwhile, he's already scheduled to come back out in a few weeks!). Still, I'm floored that my first USDF show is THIS WEEKEND.
**Don't Panic**
It's a busy weekend, and we're only showing one day. I entered 3-1 and 3-2, since I don't quite feel ready for 3-3 and its "flying change of lead near centerline" nonsense.
How Pig feels about a flying change of lead near the centerline...
We're also not staying overnight, planning to trailer in and get a day stall. Its a new facility to us, but I'm hoping Pig's normal racehorse road-warrior mindset will kick in. You never know, though. He might decide the pressure is all too much and launch me. I'm leaving my options open.
After all, I'm always about safety first... or, well, maybe more like safety third. ;)
We're planning to show in the double, but I'm packing the snaffle as well. I did a quick touch up of Pig's long toes Sunday, and he's set for another couple doses of Adequan this week. We're only a few doses in, but I do think I notice a difference. Still, I'm reserving my judgement call for a little while more.
Last long hack before show day.
All-in-all, I think we're as ready as we can be without obsessing. I should really look over my tests and practice some sections in the set up arena this week. Just for positioning and strategy-sake. After all, we aren't going to do any magical new training in the next few days.
Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck! Hopefully there are not brains leaking out.

  2. Love the last photo in Paddy's day green, well all your photos are always fab but #patriotism
    Happy sow prep, I hope ya'll have a fun day showing.

  3. best of luck! LOVE the green :)

  4. Good Luck, you two will be rockstars!

  5. Good luck!!!! May Pig's brain stay in his head and not leak out his ears :-)

    1. Is there some kind of brain cavity crack filler we can use to stop the leakage? I mean... real problems here. ;)

  6. Show season has a way of sneaking up on us all!

  7. Yay good luck!! You guys will do awesome :)

  8. Fingers crossed for road warrior! Best OTTB feature. :-)

  9. Love the green outfit, so on point! Good luck at the show!

  10. Dude, he's so handsome! Also you guys will be amazeballs :)

  11. So excited to hear about how you guys do!!

  12. Y'all totally got this!!! Take awesome beers to celebrate the sweet taste of victory!! Or. Ya know. Drown your sorrows. Whatevs ;)