Little Wolf Wednesday

"Hi Everyone!"
For this Wednesday, I thought I'd do a something a little different, and turn the blog over to Lyra. She and Sonka have been dying to give all of you a little glimpse their past year, living life as little wolves huskies in the big city of Washington D.C. Without much ado...
Hey guys! It's Lyra! I'm going to kick you off with the view I start with every day... when I kick Mom out of bed at 5:30a to get our morning run in! Get up, Mom! There's no sleeping in when you own huskies!
Once we've got Mom out the door and on the trail, she's usually pretty willing to just let us settle in for a good run. It only takes the occasional leash tug to remind her that we're out there to WORK not dawdle. We are in the Working Group after all.
Recently we've started adding friends to our runs! This is even more fun! Still, we are very serious working dogs, so any friend has gotta be willing to keep up...
... and be willing to explore! As Sonka will tell you, we're big on going off the beaten path to check out new sights and sounds.
... after all, you never know when you might run into some deer!
After our runs, we find it's important to cuddle with Mom and talk to her about her upcoming day. Sometimes her plans feature us in a big way, and we like to know about it!
And sometimes her days don't include us. That's okay, though. We find lots of ways to entertain ourselves while we're chilling at home alone.
Did we mention deer watching?
But most of the time, Mom loads us up in the chariot and chauffeurs us off for adventures. We love adventures.
Barn adventures are the best! 
At the barn, we get to hunt mice and rats! We are very good mousers.
We also provide mom with lots of emotional support during vet visits.
And our patience is infinite while mom grooms and tacks up Brother Pig.
Because we know after she's done tacking up, we get to go for gallops!
And gallops are what huskies do best!
... though we're also pretty great at laying around in creeks.
And we make pretty great horse show dogs, too. Here we are tied to the side of the arena while Mom calls a test for another rider. NBD. We're smart enough to just to chill out here. Too many sudden movements scare ponies, you know.
We're also really good at riding in golf carts for course walks and the like. As long as Mom stays in the cart, we will too.
Clinics aren't our favorite, though. Lots of laying around is awfully boring. It's neat to meet so many famous trainers and judges, though! D.C. sure has a big group of fun people
Speaking of D.C. adventures, though. We aren't just barn dogs. Nope, we believe in enjoying adventure anywhere! Like when we go hiking in the famous Rock Creek Park. Did you know this park is over 3 miles and cuts right through the center of the city? It's so huge, it's hard to remember you're right in the middle of the Capital!
But of course, we are right in the middle of the Capital! It's really cool that the dogs of the US get to celebrate American freedom and stuff, too. 
We try to stay dignified when we're around such stately surroundings. We don't want to embarrass Abraham Lincoln in front of all these tourists!
Though sometimes we think it's funny that the tourists would rather hang out with us than enjoy the sights.
But that's okay. We're always willing to greet our fans... it's part of being a good D.C. ambassador.
And we always do our best to learn and uphold our civic responsibilities.
But we can't lie. Sometimes we get carried away hunting for mice and rats around the National Mall... especially here. There's lots of rats around here...
Still, we're always aware that we're lucky we get to hang out in such a beautiful place!
Mom makes sure we see all the sights, like the historic Meridian Hill Park, a popular place for drum circles!
It's also the site of the amazing statue of Joan of Arc! Another fun fact? You can see the Capitol and Washington Monument from this balcony!
But sometimes we get away from all the hustle of the city when Mom takes us on longer adventures. Like to the beach!
We never got to see the beach back in Indiana! I think it's terrifying, but Sonka tried to swim all the way out to sea. Mom yelled at him for "scaring her."
It's pretty cool that these beaches have wild ponies! I'm not sure I believe they're actually all that wild, though. They seemed far more interested in getting snacks.
But Mom seemed excited, so we were, too. 
Though, honestly, I'd rather be off viciously hunting tiny sand crabs...
After a long day of adventuring, we always sleep on the way home. We know our work isn't done when we get back.
We're always being called on to help Mom while she works on her computer...
Or to perform impromptu concerts.
Sometimes we just need to keep Mom company while she's recovering from too much fun.
...or a rough day.
Sometimes we have to recover a bit from our crazy days, too.
But we're never late for our bed time. Come 9 o'clock you can find us snuggling in.
We know we've gotta be ready for whatever adventures the next day will bring!


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