Funny Things: A Media Blooper from Loch Moy

Loch Moy was the show where getting video was cursed.
But the photos were good!
Either my phone ran out of memory, or the person operating it didn't realize it was on the wrong setting. We've all been there, minutes before entering the ring and trying to teach someone how to use your iPhone. It rarely works out, and for me it resulted in this hilarious 24 second timelapse video of my Sunday 2-2 test. Enjoy...

I guess it's a good overview of dressage test geometry?


  1. Best use of time lapse ever!

    PS It's 2015. How do people not know how to use iphones?

  2. Well, you should definitely get a 10 for "forward!" ;P

  3. Omg that is definitely how dressage was meant to be viewed! And yeah I'm with SB, how do people not know how to use an iphone? Even if they don't have one, there are apple stores everywhere and they are always packed.

    1. Truth. I think judges would be a lot less cranky about a day of Intro and Training Level tests if they could just hit Fast Forward!

  4. Pretty sure that's an accurate representation of the speed at which I ride tests when I'm nervous ;)
    Love how it looks like you're in a sling shot!

  5. Is it bad that I feel that several of my rides occur at the speed of time lapse in real-time?

  6. good way to keep dressage tests shorter ;) :D

  7. Hehehehe! I like it!! I think I'm going to start doing this to my hunter rounds....


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