Sore Butts

I noticed something about Pig in our rides following the Stephen Birchall clinic.
"Noticed something about me?"
Namely, I noticed he was pretty sore. The day right after our lesson he was very resistant and tight, which I attributed to the work done the day before. This kind of work...
Look how far that hind leg is under his body!
I gave him the next day off, and when we came back to work on Tuesday he was still pretty tight. Though, he still gave me several nice and calm flying changes on my aids. After a solid bit of time, I was able to encourage him to stretch, and I hoped that helped to loosen him. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to. The rest of our rides this week have been super tense. He hasn't been very enthused about changing bend or really coming through at all.

Probably because he's super sore right here:
Oh. And right here too:

I've been giving him a lot of Sore No More massages, and we focused on getting relaxed and through (but not collected) on Sunday. Hopefully with nothing to do today except stand in the sun, he'll be feeling a little more up to the work this week!


  1. Poor guy. Hope he's starting to feel better. I love that you are sticking your middle finger up at one of the sore spots. lol.

  2. He did a lot of really super work! I bet he's sore, haha. Mikey was always touchy for several days after lessons with the German Riding Master. It's hard work! Mikey enjoyed Vetrolin baths after rides like that. I never got around to buying legal sore no more. Feel better soon Pig!

  3. He had a really physical lesson, so it makes sense that he's a bit sore. I hope he feels better soon!!

  4. sore ponies are never a fun thing :( hope those massages help soon!

  5. That blog title should get you some good internet hits! :)

  6. Haha. Courage is such a different horse when he's tired/sore. He's lazy and hard to put together and resistant and he lets me know when he's ready to go back to work. For the record, if he had a busy weekend, IT ISN'T TUESDAY. Still tired.

    1. Hahaha, so funny that Pig is much the same. Not bad, but certainly not good. #nottuesday

  7. Fingers crossed the poor lad heals up asap.
    Clinic sounds awesome though, great eyes to have on the ground.

  8. Poor pony! TC was a bit sore at the canter after our clinic this last weekend. His canter felt like I was trying to prevent a sled from flying down a hill made out of rocks. Hope Pig feels better!!


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