Photo Break


This past two weeks.

I'm not sure how I'm alive. Let's recap...
Yeah. This pretty much describes it.
First, I came back from the show and got straight to work on my thesis paper drafts. Yeah. Drafts. Plural. That's, like, a books' worth of structured writing to do, kids.
You know I was in Ohio recently, because Yuengling.
Of course, I've also been dealing with some crazy hours at work. On top of launching all of next season's marketing campaigns there have been lots of late nights, including this...
REO Speedwagon. On a Thursday. These weeknight concerts will be the end of morning-person me...
Luckily, I did manage to sneak away from work and homework once or twice to ride...
Apparently springtime happened when I wasn't looking.
And to remember to give Pig his strangles vaccine...
Watching me mix these two vials together was some kind of hilariously sketchy physical comedy scene.
And to create this ridiculously perfect polo wrap...
#celebratethelittlethings  #doghair #sorrynotsorry
And this guy finally sold. Remember him? And the gravel down pants story? Sold. Whoo!
You don't want to know how many baths it took to get him that clean. (Three. It took three.)
*I thought about cropping my friend out of the nice photo. Instead, you get the lazy version, where I just use the bloopers photo where Darius is cropping her out himself. Thanks, buddy.
Looming over everything has been my writing, though. Right now, one paper is in final editing, and the other is almost wrapped up, too.
All-nighters. Kill me now.
It's been so crazy, I can't help but feel the demolition happening up the street from my office is kind of a metaphor for my life...
I came in like a WREAAAAAKING BALL!!!!
Fingers crossed things fall back to a normal level of busy this weekend and I get to spend more time enjoying moments like this:
So Pretty. Such Bliss. Flowers. Wow.


  1. Replies
    1. "Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times."

  2. You do know that Yuengling will be commonplace in all alcohol stores very very soon for you, yes? I don't even drink it anymore it's so commonplace.

    Make Mark give you a list of yummy MD/VA breweries. I can help you with the WV side of things as we've ramped up our microbreweries in recent years.

    Additionally...very last weekend in May if things go to plan I will be in the Clark St. Forest for a ride. I think Mark will be coming down to steal Kenai. You should come crew/drink/hang out/learn endurance.

    1. I DO know it's super common out there, and am happy about that! It means there will never be that horrible cheap beer in my fridge that is undrinkable crap again! :) I would LOVE to hit up some microbreweries in WV. That sounds like a good trip all on its own!

      Ack! The last weekend in May is a big nope for me, but I'll see you the next week! Hooray!

  3. wow super busy - good luck with everything, esp your thesis!!

    echoing what Liz said - Yuengling is super common in MD! and the microbrewery game is on point in this region - celebrate the small things, indeed! :)

    1. Aaah! So looking forward to exploring the local microbrews! :)

  4. Spring is SO crazy. Grad school just makes it crazier! Good luck with your Great American Novel! ;)

  5. Rolex for you this year? Love the pics :)

  6. Hang in there! Once this crazy is over, you can start the next round. ;-)

  7. A girl after my own heart! Drinking and studying/writing, ect. is the way to go!

    1. Totally! Though, maybe not the writing part. I need a super clear head for that!

  8. Love the photo recap! I had to laugh because just prior to seeing your dog hair hashtag I brushed a stray dog hair of my screen. You get me. Good luck with the thesis!

    1. Would you like to buy my genuine dog-hair rug? (gross)

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks all-nighter buddy. :) Those west coast hours really come in handy sometimes!

  10. I appreciate that you're writing your drafts with a lager. My kinda gal :)

  11. just keep swimming just keep swimming :)


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