Post injection

"Let's RIDE!"
Monday I struggled my sick self into the saddle to take Pig's newly lubricated joint for a test drive. While my lungs weren't up for any kind of difficult ride, I still pointed us towards the deeper and more uneven footing of the outdoor ring. I figured I would test things out there, and if a problem still showed up, we'd head indoors. There's no use fighting, especially not a week before I show.

It turns out, we must have nailed the diagnosis. Pig started off with a big swinging walk, relaxing his whole top line and really stepping through into my rein. His canter warm up was much the same. He was slightly resistant to the right,  but actually worked out of it quickly -- making me think the pain issue isn't as much of a problem.

We moved on to the trot work, and then ran through some parts of the 2-2 test we'll be showing over the weekend. Perfection
Gif from last October. Still, our shoulder-ins can be fantastic.
We ended with a little half pass at the canter and trot, just to solidify my feel for the outside shoulder control. Plus, Pig just thinks those are fun! We ended the quick ride with smiles and happy ears... then took the dogs for a walk down the road.
A pretty day and a pretty horse. Don't mind if I do!
The best part for Pig was probably getting turned back out in the field on Monday. Staying in a stall isn't something he's used to doing when he's home. While he remains a perfect gentlemen in stalls at shows or while traveling, he's kind of a nightmare the first day stalled at home. He wants out with his buddies!
"Lemme out, Lady!"
Of course, being deathly ill has not helped me get ready for the show. I spent most of the weekend on the couch sleeping and catching up watching TV. I'm feeling pretty nervous about getting all my things together for the weekend. Still, there's a Dover down the road from the show grounds, so I guess if I forget something, I can always pick it up there!

At least I'm feeling confident in my horse, myself, and our training. We got this. (KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD!)
"Bring it on!"


  1. YAY how exciting!!! So gad it seems to be an easy fix! And he looks so handsome :).

  2. I'm sure you guys will kick butt at the show! Besides, the beast looks quite sharp in black-on-black-on-black :)

  3. Glad to hear he's back at it! Now your turn! I hope you are feeling better ASAP!

  4. Hooray! Happy that your pony is back to his normal self! I'm sure you will do well this weekend, knock 'em dead!

  5. Yay! I love it when injections do what they're supposed to! Nothing worse than shelling out all that dough and seeing no change in your horse. I hope you are feeling better by the time the show gets here and I hope your tests go well!

    1. Oh I know, that's the worst! I figured the treatment was basically the same no matter what, so might as well try it!

  6. So glad Pig feels better!! Sounds like to nailed that diagnosis. What a relief! :) go kick some booty at the show! You guys will rock!

  7. Great news! Glad he's feeling better

  8. woo hoo - you must have been walking (or riding haha) on air!! you totally got this :D

  9. SO happy to see him doing better!!

  10. Glad he's back in action! Whoop! Good Luck!

  11. Feel better and kick some ass! Looking forward to the post show report. ;D


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