2014 Goals Review | 2015 Goals

Guys. Last year flew by. In a lot of ways, I'm happy it's behind us. Last year was full of slogging through difficult training, terrible accidents, and hard personal moments. Let's just finish up the goals and move on, huh?

2014 Goals
  • Keep Guinness sound and happy, keeping his feet and arthritis managed well.
    • Pretty well managed. Guinness had one of his soundest years ever, until this fall when the warm/wet fall and early winter caused his arthritis to flair up in a big way. Also, the trailer accident has left some lingering swelling issues and soreness we are still working out.
    • Barring one abscess, Guinness had great feet all year.
  • Finish my 1st Level scores for my Bronze Medal.
    • Yes, and no. I did get another 60+% score, but unfortunately from the same judge. Still one more 1st level score to achieve.
  • Successfully show Second Level, with an average above 62% in both schooling and recognized shows.
    • Uh. Not quite. I did get a single 60% at a USDF show in May, but overall I didn't show enough to get the scores. In all, our training wasn't where it needed to be this year to get the scores. We could reasonably expect to get those scores at a show right now, but unfortunately in Indiana, those shows don't exist until April.
  • [Stretch] Get my Bronze Medal scores at Second Level
    • Not achieved. One score towards Bronze in the works. I'm okay with that.
  • [Stretch] Show at the Kentucky Horse Park
    • Big no on this one. Funds weren't there, nor was the time.
1/5 Goal Achievement. Poor showing 2014.
Guinness showing my feelings toward 2014.
2015 Goals for Guinness
  • Fully rehab Guinness from the trailer accident
  • Show at 2 USDF recognized shows before moving in June.
  • Finish up those damn 1st scores for the Bronze.
  • Finish up 2nd scores for Bronze.
  • Teach Guinness, King of the Auto-Change, the dressage changes.
  • Train Pig successfully to accept the double bridle, and fully prepare his bridle.
  • Successfully move Guinness to a new state, and settle him in.
  • Be competitive at IDS year end awards at 2nd level.
  • Buy a new horse trailer?
2015 Personal Goals
  • Rock out my upcoming graduate history/art history classes.
  • Put together an awesome application for grad school.
  • Decide on grad school programs, and apply the crap out of them.
  • Don't lose my mind.
  • Successfully negotiate a move, and get settled in.
  • Remember to take days off, and not stress over them.
  • Keep running. Be able to successfully run 5-6 miles at any point. Run 13.1 miles in a respectable time.
  • Less TV, and more books. Read one book a month, just for fun.
  • Improve my overall fitness and flexibility together. Do as much yoga as working out.
Yep, 2015 is going to be a crazy full year. I'm hoping to live my remaining months in Indiana to the best of my ability, and jump head first into life in a new place. A lot of my personal goals aren't terribly quantifiable, which bothers me. But I think keeping them vague is a good idea while the unknowable of this year unfolds.


  1. Sorry 2014 fell short, but keeping Guinness happy and healthy was the most important part. I hope he heals up quickly. Happy New Year!

  2. Where are you moving to?! Please say Louisville!! :)

    1. Nope! :) This probably deserves it's own post...

  3. Best of luck with the move wherever you're off to. Have you joined goodreads? That can be a fun way of setting reading goals, keeping track & getting suggestions based off what you've already read and rated.
    Just an idea...if you have already joined let me know and I'll add you as a friend ☺

    1. I use Goodreads a lot to read reviews when deciding on a new book, but haven't joined. I should! Great idea!

  4. I am all about moving forward with 2015, fresh and clean!

  5. I highly recommend instagram for keeping the yoga rolling. Daily challenges are keeping me active lately. I'm totally with you on the more books less TV thing! I don't even have cable and I manage to watch too much.

    1. I don't have cable either. It's the autoplay on Hulu and Netflix that keep me trapped!

      You know, I see your yoga posts on IG, and they inspire me. But ... I just really hate yoga. I'm a fast twitch kind of person, and stretching boooooores me. ;)

    2. Have you checked out Pilates? It has some of the stretching, but it's not nearly as boring as Yoga. I really liked it and I don't like yoga either. Oh and I don't have cable either. I've been using Amazon Prime, but I don't watch much on it lol. There are Pilates videos on Netflix that are really interesting. :)

    3. I haven't done a lot of pilates, probably just because I haven't found a video or program I like. I should try again!

  6. I think that keeping him sound was the most important goal anyway :) Best of luck in 2015!

    1. Totally agree!! He was so sound all spring and summer, and I couldn't ask for more than that!

  7. those were awesome and ambitious goals for 2014, and it seems like you did an excellent job of laying the foundation for being successful on them. 2015 goals are great too - good luck getting Guinness back to 100% after this accident and good luck with the move and stress mgmt!!!


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