The Trek

At my barn, springtime means the opening of the summer pastures (all 30+ acres of them). It must officially be spring, because this is what it takes to capture my animal the last few rides...
See him out there? No? Look close, there's a slight glint of copper just over the furthest hill.
Getting closer ... 
Aaaaaaaaaalmost there ... 
This post brought to you by Endurance, and Lucky My Horse Doesn't Run From Me After I've Hiked a Mile. Also brought to you by At Least He Wasn't Wandering in the Deep Woods This Time (... this time).


  1. Oh my gosh that face is adorable!

  2. Have you seen that video where the cowboy snaps his bullwhip and the two horses come running from 2 pastures away and happily climb in the trailer? Maybe have Guinness watch it :)

    1. Bahaha I should! Honestly of all the vices to have, simply not coming when I call is a pretty low key one. ;)

  3. Teehee, that face in the last pic!
    When K & I were in Ireland and I was at uni I could only get to her at weekends so when she'd see me she knew that meant arena time so she'd always turn and walk away from me! A right pain when as you say you'd just trekked forever


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