The Night Before A Show, A Pictoral How-To

Step 1: Get up early, and kick off the day by exercising yourself and your puppies!
Three miles with mom is a good start!
Step 2: Hook up truck and trailer, load all your stuff, and your pony.
Don't forget to turn off overdrive!
Step 3: Jam out to music, eat snacks, and enjoy your drive. Try to leave the napping to the dogs ... 
It's so sleepy!
Step 4: Arrive at show facility, and get horse settled in stall. If desired, do a schooling ride.
Omg! Hay!
Step 5: Pour yourself a beverage, and enjoy watching your fellow competitors school.
Everything is better with a drink, friends, and beautiful weather!
Step 6: Try to get to bed at a reasonable hour!
Sleep is important, ya'll!


  1. Replies
    1. I know... it's murder! All I want to do is stay home and pet them!

  2. Replies
    1. A happy, sleepy, puppy makes for a happy puppy-mama. ;)


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