Well, Tuesday was one of the longest days I've had in a long while, but it was totally worth it. Just loading Guinness into the trailer was harrowing enough of an adventure (2 hours! Holy Crap!), but we finally pulled into the new barn at 8:20 on Tuesday night. Whew.

The big guy unloaded like a champ, covered in a cold sweat. Poor pony. Heavy duty trailer training is obviously in our future. He definitely doesn't feel comfortable with the trailer, getting in or riding. That's a skill that we are always going to need. It can't take us 2 hours to leave a place, that's just silly.

Anyway, the new place is awesome! Everyone there is very helpful and very comfortable to be around. The best part though? It's way closer to my house. Like on my running path closer. I'm such an crazy runner person (sometimes!) that I actually run on my lunch break (or in the mornings when the summer heat makes me catatonic). Usually I just go 3 miles, shower and head back to work. Check out the map below. It is just under 3 miles for me to run to my horse, check him over, turn him out, and head back to home! This is totally the best part!

Hello saving gas money by walking to the barn! Woot!