A Reminder.

Guinness: Conformation shot, the day I tried him out.

Sometimes, in the middle of a nasty, sleeting, spitting day, you need a reminder of why you are even into this "horse thing". Here are some shots of Guinness from the day I tried him out and the day I decided to bring him home.

Us trying for some semblance of a put together canter ...

He was an off balance 11 yr old TB with mouth hooks making him crazy and a bad shoeing job. But, he had character and movement. He was also a willing jumper and had just enough spunk. We're still dealing with all of his issues, but I feel like he's getting better all the time.

Today we are heading out for a little exploration in the woods behind the barn. There's a nice soft field back there we are going to do a little lunging and stretching work. Gotta get that blood flowing!

On the day I decided to bring him home. He was a bit spooky that day, and having a characteristic issue with listening. Of course, it didn't help that my arms are a straight as a broomstick and my legs are swinging everywhere. Let's just say, we've both come a long way!