Boy, You Arrogant

"Who are you calling Arrogant?"

I guess I figured 2020 couldn't get any worse, because I went out on a limb yesterday and did the thing everyone says brings bad luck. I changed my horse's name.

That's right, Bast has a new show name. 

No, his new name isn't Swagger. But it's close...

While he'll always be Baybuilt to the thoroughbred world, I decided to shed the name while showing USEF/USDF. I've never liked it, and didn't think it was really suitable for him. It's a little too clunky and a little too ... on the nose. Though as far as racehorse names go, it's far from the worst offender!

So, what's the new name? Actually, I went back to the origin of little Bast's nickname...

All my animals seem to get named after some kind of alcohol, so Bast was no exception. When he first came home he was so arrogant to humans that this beer seemed like the perfect fit for him. The devil on the label was even more perfect.

No devil horns here. Nope. Move along.

Of course, I didn't want to tempt fate (or annoy show announcers) by using Bastard in his registered name. So, I just settled for Arrogant B as his full name. I feel like the B at the end is a nice nod to his racing name. 

There aren't many horses registered with USEF as "Arrogant". So, we're still relatively unique.

Now I just have to wait for things to be finalized with USEF and USDF! Fingers crossed that goes smoothly and this name change doesn't bring me too much additional bad luck! This year has been rough enough for everyone.


  1. Love it! Also agree the B is a nice nod to his racing name. It is a great fit.

  2. I like it. While my favourite show name of all time was a hunter called ‘alimony ‘; this is great. 😁 it will be fun to hear people speculate.

  3. haha I always change my horses names, hmm but maybe I'd do better if I hadn't? LOL probably not, I like Bast's new name!

    1. 🤣 I always feel like the bad luck thing is just people's way of explaining away the millions of terrible things that always happen with horses.


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