This poor horse.
It's back. This damned abscess just will not quit. And now, it's worse than before.
That heel is real sensitive...
He's putting no weight on the heel at all. For a couple of days now. I'm very concerned about the state of the rest of his leg, which is looking worse for wear. It will not pop, and is not in the hoof, but the flesh of the heel.

We've tried all the "home remedies" as well as my favorite, time. So, I've called the vet again.

I hope this can be solved easily. I'd hate to have to do some kind of minor surgery to remove this from his heel. At this point, I'd happily do it. Poor guy is finally looking miserable.
Wish us luck ...


  1. Keep us updated as you know more. Definitely thinking about him. <3

  2. ugh the timing of all this. I am so sorry! I hope you guys figure something out. Come on Pig! It is so weird it got better and now it is worse again? Poor Pig (and you!)

  3. Ughhh come on horses. It's time to reduce things like vet bills, not add to them!

  4. Ugh, poor Pig. This is the time where you're supposed to have the easy problems, not something extra weird and complicated!

  5. Poor piglet :( I hope your vet is able to make him more comfortable!

  6. Oh no. You may already have tried this but this is what I do when Irish has a stubborn abscess: I take a hoofboot and put a piece of flannel in it (or you can use a scrap of towel). I sprinkle liberally with epsom salt and then pour in a bit of boiling water. I put it on his foot- when it’s hot but touchable. I leave it on for a bit and it seems to help.

    It’s also possible that there’s something stuck in there - like what happened to Stacie’s mare.

  7. Ugh. I hope it's not a sub-solar abscess - those can get serious. Pray for oozing pus!

  8. Oh, Pig. <3 I'm so sorry. Good luck with the vet. I'm of the school that goes straight to x-rays with very bad abscesses, they can at least provide a clear picture of what you're fighting!


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