(In the Time of Covid)

Hey guys. How ya doin? Hanging in there? The world is certainly a strange place these days, huh?

Thankfully, other than working from home 100%, my day to day hasn't changed too much. I'm aggressively introverted, and usually way too busy to spend a lot of time going to bars and restaurants. Turns out, I've been preparing for quarantine my whole life. That said, it's weird how the rest of the world seems to have just discovered how cool it is to spend time outside. Strange how people seem to never go outside until you ask them to please not.
I'm so lucky to be able to easily work from home, and have such amazingly cuddly co-workers.

Anyway, the girls and I have been spending our early mornings getting our miles in before the rest of the world comes out and clogs up the city sidewalks. Living in a small basement apartment isn't usually an issue for my two wolf-a-likes, but that's only because I enjoy getting them out for 4+ miles a day. It's important they get out for their health (and mine!) so, we're trying to be as safe as possible while getting them their exercise.
While DC might be "Virus City" (thanks neighborhood kids), it's also been "Cherry Blossom City". Unfortunately hoards of people couldn't stop themselves from visiting the blossoms at the Tidal Basin, and the park ended up being shut down. Fortunately, there's tons of cherry trees in every neighborhood, so the girls and I made sure to enjoy them where we could (safely by ourselves). 

Meanwhile, life at the farm has ground to a near halt. For the first couple of weeks, I was living the life. I found myself working from home full time and riding at sunrise 5 days a week. I even managed to take a virtual lesson with Megan. It was awesome!

Unfortunately, it turns out other people usually like to ride at more hospitable times, and with other people around. Weirdos. That meant the state had to take some action, and mandated that boarding barns evaluate their policy of allowing boarders access to farms. That meant a restriction in seeing my boys.
Unfettered access to the barn was the time of sunrise hacks and virtual lesson shenanigans.

I'm lucky. As my horse's farrier, I am allowed access to the horses as needed. The moment I came to that realization was probably the only time I've looked forward to trimming both horses at once. Trimming is really hard work, especially when you only have two horses to care for! Plus with the spring grass shooting up, the horses are on a 1-2 week schedule. Their feet grow so fast this time of year. It's really hard to keep up (especially since they aren't getting worked a lot). Plus, Pig's abscess foot has taken a lot of extra poking and prodding.

During my barn time, I've found time for other horse chores. Like cleaning tack and giving Pig the literal worst haircut of his life... sorry friend.
Quarantine haircuts are rough, amrite?

I've used some of my time at home to work on editing some of the media I've captured during recent rides. I'm hoping to get some of that ready to share here soon.

Still, not everything is cherry blossoms and happiness. This week my family suffered the loss of my grandmother, who had been declining in health for some time. It's definitely surreal to lose a loved one, and be unable to travel to spend time with family. We're coping, but it's hard. My heart goes out to anyone in a similar situation. I know with all the changes going on right now, it's most important to realize how people's lives are being affected and lost.
Hugs to all going through a rough time right now.
Day to day, I'm just trying to do my best to stay safe, sane, and healthy. The beautiful weather we've been experiencing certainly helps with that, and I hope you've been able to enjoy it. Please tell me some of your quarantine stories (especially accepting tales of quarantine haircuts). How are you coping on your own? Do you get to see your horses?


  1. I'm so sorry about your grandmother. This is certainly a weird time we are living in, where even the process of grieving a loved one is being affected. But, glad you still get to see your boys somewhat regularly!

  2. Strange times indeed. Thinking about your family ❤️ And am glad you still are able to get that time with the horses!

  3. I am so sorry about your grandmother. I feel for any one who loses a family member at this time. it is so scary. UGH glad you and the girls are doing well and also that you still get to see Bast and Pig.....I will need a haircut i am afraid before this is over....UGH I got my bangs cut in Dec and last time i had a haircut (regular) was in October sooooo you can imagine how long it is getting. Also all t hree of my dogs will need grooming. Good thing no one can see them hahahah

    I havent seen Remus for three weeks (Today) But am going to the barn to drop off a farrier check and toss some cookies over the fence. I can still ride at my barn but choose not to. I just cant see why to risk it! UGH I mean i dont want to get anyone sick and vice versa! My barn owner is fantastic and sends me photos and her 10 year old daughter (They live there) has hopped on him some. Stay safe Austen!! And those cherry blossoms are gorgeous!! I do miss that part of the NE. Down here EVERYTHING BLOOMS AT ONCE soooo you don't get the AWW moment!

  4. I wish earth was cancelled for real.

    Sorry about your grandmother! :(

  5. Sorry about your grandmother. These are indeed strange times. DC is so pretty - thanks for sharing the pics. I was there once in Feb and missed the cherry blossoms! Looks like you guys are a good 3 or so weeks ahead of us for flowers/spring stuff! Quarantine haircuts are going to be happening soon around here - my mini needs a de-fluffing and my own hair is getting a bit wild! lol

    As for me, I'm working from home 100% which is super good, but my particular line of work isn't very busy right now, which is good for the general public (ie no terrorists!), but that has been a major downshift for me. I'm just trying to ride it out. I have my horses at home, so lots of barn time. I'm trying to motivate myself to give all of my tack a deep clean and same with the house - garage, basement, etc. We'll see how that goes! lol I got out my watercolor paints yesterday and toodled around a bit and I'm going to try and brush up on some stuff for work - like French and national security reading, but no pressure if it doesn't happen...

  6. My condolences on your grandmother's passing. Not getting the closure of loved ones gathering for memorials and funerals is just one element of the collective trauma this event is generating. I'm having a hard time imagining what the world will be like post-COVID...

    Been doing the in-between-visits work for years, but am officially the farrier now too, since my guy told us last month that he's not traveling from his location (three hours away) for our appointments. Val lives on my farm thankfully. He needs touched up way more often than our professional can get here anyway - so I've learned how to manage things.

  7. Strange doesn’t even seem to be enough of a word to describe the world now. We need a new word. I’m glad you are able to see your boys.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother. That's hard enough itself, but to add in the stress of this goddamn pandemic and all the restrictions. It's not fair.

  9. It's funny you mention tack cleaning. My tack has never been cleaner... I've been doing it every sunday... so maybe the world is ending...


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