Already Eight!

I'm finding it hard to believe that my little Bastion is a whole EIGHT years old today. Eight seems so mature. So adult. It's hard to imagine this cheeky little man is growing up.
Such childishness.
Still, I guess he is growing up! It's been so fun to think back on the changes this horse has gone through since his five year old year. That race horse to sport horse transition is really amazing.
Racehorse or sporthorse? Why not both!
Age aside, he's such a goofy baby horse in many ways. I think he'll be the type that never truly "grows up". Honestly, that's fine with me! I'm looking forward to see what the eight year old year holds for him.
Happy birthday little man!


  1. Happy Birthday to the VERY handsome Bastion!

  2. Remus and Bast are bday twins! HA Remus is 17 today I would love to say he could impart wisdom to Bast but doubt it greatly! Happy bday Bast and hope you are doing well Austen!! Hi to Pig and doggies too :)

  3. Happy Birthday! He's grown into a lovely horse.

  4. Dang that bay is BUILT! :) Birthday boy is looking SO good.


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