The Best Tack Room Hack

I have to let you guys in on my favorite tack room organization hack. This is an idea borne of being tired of seeing extra Ikea items in my apartment, and a desperate need for a place to store my multiple sets of polos and boots. Desperation is a huge driving force behind all my organizational activities, to be honest.
Who doesn't love a functionally organized tack room? Let's be real.
I had some extra Ikea trones hanging around my house, and realized they were going to be perfect for use at the farm. They're a sturdy plastic, perfect for storing damp or dirty boots without worrying about mildew or dirt building up. The actual storage part comes apart, making it really easy to hose them out as needed. Plus they'd let me store items in an easily accessible place, while protecting them from the horrible dust and dirt that comes with a tack room attached to a field board run-in.
Plus they're the perfect height for all my boots and wrap liners!
The size of the drawer is exactly what I need to store boots upright or on their side. They also fit my wrap liners with ease.

A set of two Ikea Trones is good for a few sets of boots and some polos and liners. Of course, I'm an insane collector of matching items and wrap liners. So I needed a set of four.
Yaasss. Look at all that glorious storage!
The lovely part about these things is the cost and ease of install. They're $25 for a set of two, and go up with 2-4 screws into the wall. Overall the trip to Ikea is the hardest thing about putting these things together. Plus, they have a super minimal footprint, only sticking off the wall about 7 inches.

The best part? They make a stellar storage shelf!
Look at all that delicious storage!
Anyone else use Ikea in your tack room? Are you as obsessed with finding an easy way to access all your horse's boots and wraps without leaving them out in the dust? Get thee to an Ikea!! 


  1. You've totally converted me to IKEA storage and organization for lots of aspects of my life.

  2. sending this to my BO right now - loooove this. Love that it comes up off the floor too to protect that precious footprint.

  3. The trip to Ikea doesn't have to be the hardest part! Our Ikea lets you buy online and either get it delivered or pick it up close to the exit of the store, and if you pick it up you sometimes get giftcards for saving them the trip? I dunno why they give you more gift cards - probably to get you addicted to ikea!

  4. Genius! thinking I might install one on the side of my tack locker. Looks like it should fit!

  5. I love Ikea for all the storage options.


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