Q1 Goals Review | Q2 Goals (And a CONTEST)

I am so behind on reviewing my first quarter goals, guys. What a mess. So, let's just dive in. Also, I know these posts tend to be boring AF, so I filled it with pretty photos and a contest!

One of my goals this year was the read more books about horse training. One of those books? Janet Foy's Dressage for the Not-So-Perfect Horse: Riding Through the Levels on the Peculiar, Opinionated, Complicated Mounts We All Love. Liz bought me this book last year at the annual Janet Foy clinic at my barn (which is coming up this weekend!! Expect a write up soon!). I have actually been working through it, and I love this book and want to share it with everyone. So I thought, what a better thing to offer in a contest?
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Win this!
To enter?

  1. Scroll through this long boring goals post, and comment telling me your favorite photo and goal from the post in the comments by next Wednesday the 15th. 
  2. For an additional entry, share my post on your blog or social media (and comment here letting me know). 
I'll draw a name and announce the winner Friday May 17th. Good luck!!

Now, on to the goals...
Try to contain your excitement, Asterid...


Q1 Pig Goals

  1. Solidify plans for Pig's spring boarding situation.
    ✔️ Happily moved back home, and settling in well.
  2. Stay healthy and at a good weight.
    ✔️ He started to lose weight a bit before moving, but now that he's back in a good pasture, I anticipate his weight will stabilize and stay excellent.
  3. Go for a handful of rides.
    ✔️ I am so surprised with myself. When I made this a priority, I actually managed to get out there and visit and ride the old man more and more. I am looking forward to finding him a lease situation where he can get more regular work.

Can't wait to get this guy back to this!

Q1 Bast Goals

  1. Settle in Bast fully at new barn.
    ✔️ Done and done. He's happy and mature in his field board situation, and I couldn't ask for a more perfect set up to continue his training.
  2. Commit to regular riding schedule of 4-5 days a week.
    ✔️ For the most part I am out there 5 days a week. Though not every day is actually much of a work day. That's perfect for a young horse at this stage of training, IMO.
  3. Take 3 lessons.
    ✔️ Took awhile to get back to regular lessons, but I'm in the swing of things again!
  4. Reinstall the leg yield.
    ✔️ Still sticky off leg leg, but that's mostly in the canter lateral work now. Instead of reinstalling these, we are now working on maintaining straightness and developing expression in them. This is much more fun!
  5. Develop straightness, including ability to ride straight up the centerline.
    ✔️ Our straightness is much improved. Still, this is a work in progress. However, I no longer feel like our centerlines are embarrassingly drunk. Winning.
  6. Continue developing shoulder-in, pushing to hold for 1/4 of the long side at time.
    ✔️ Yes! This is so accomplished. He's getting really good at shoulder in, and can hold the left almost the entire long side. The right is only about half the long side, but only because we still are negotiating with terrorists to get bend off the left leg. 
  7. Get outside and exploring once a week, even if just for a long hand walk.
    ✔️ SO done. I made it a priority to walk around, hack, or work in the field at least once a week. As the days have lengthened and we've moved to field board, this is growing to about 2x a week.
  8. Run through Training 3 and First 1 and identify the struggle points.
    ❌ Oops. We've shown and run through Training 3 for sure, but we haven't touched First 1. Honestly he hasn't felt ready yet. We have a long way to go for the relaxation needed for First.

We also need to learn to leg yield without making that face omg.

Q1 My Goals

  1. Run 80 Miles
    ❌ I was so excited to come out and run like crazy this year, and then sprained my ankle while riding my freaking horse, and was laid up for a whole month. I didn't get back to running until March. Ugh.
  2. Find and commit to morning routine, so I can get to the barn earlier.
    ❌ For the most part I have a routine now, but getting out earlier is looking harder and harder. We'll see how the rest of summer goes as I have to start shifting my running to early or late.
  3. Get my organizational system and contracts in order.
    ❌ I did literally no work on this. Fail.
  4. Get to the gym once a week minimum for strength work, beyond regular work at home.
    ✔️ YES! I signed up for a different gym that is really easy to hit on the way home from work or the barn. This makes it so much easier to pop in for some basic strength work.

Mom. I need you to run more. Or else the couch gets the tooth!


Q2 Pig Goals

  1. Stay happy and healthy and settled at the farm.
  2. Shorten those damn long toes as much as possible.
  3. Return to low level work with myself and/or lease rider.

Q2 Bast Goals

  1. Keep health, weight, and ulcers managed.
  2. Show Recognized Training level for scores in the low to mid 60s. 
  3. Find relaxation in work, resulting in better suppleness and bend.
  4. Cross water 2x a month to get to longer trails.
  5. School First 1-2, and identify weak spots.
  6. Lesson 5x.
  7. Trial and error a few things to try to reduce all that mouthing action.
  8. Jump 2ft a couple of times.
  9. Introduce more collection into the trot.
  10. Introduce more counter canter and collection into the canter.

Q2 Personal Goals

  1. Blog 1-2x weekly.
  2. Finish 1 of my training books.
  3. Contracts in order.
  4. Establish budget to support showing and meeting needs of animals in light of new purchases.
  5. Run 90 miles.
  6. Gym 2x weekly, adding back in circuit workouts 1x weekly.
  7. Find way to get to work 30 minutes earlier in day, so you can sleep more.
  8. Get a couple of extra pounds on Asterid without allowing Lyra to return to #fatElvis status.
Moar treats?!
Wish me luck with these goals. They are mostly continuing what I'm already doing, but the accountability part can be so hard to stick with. You know? Bring on Q2 ... what's left of it!
(P.S. Don't forget to comment to enter the contest!)


  1. I already have this book and love it!!! But I also love posts like this, I love seeing what kinds of goals others are striving for. I love how much of a priority you are making of a balanced schedule. Trail riding and hacking out is just as important as the arena work! 💕

  2. I know I don't get bonus points for this, but my favorite picture is asterid on the tree. and my second favorite is the one with lyra's little face poking out the grasses.

    who knew, I'd like the dog pictures the most??

    I love how specific your goals are, and in that they are specific they ACTUALLY get done! Pig looks way younger since he moved back to wyndham. It's great to see.

    1. oh and my favorite goal is blog 1-2x weekly, because I'll get to read more of your stuff :D

  3. Sounds like you are getting some goals checked off. Amazing pics - I think my favourite is Lyra by the tractor.

    Favourite goal is Pig - moved in and happy!

  4. BAHAHAHA to Lyra not becoming #fatElvis again. Being an older woman is hard, yo! She wants you to know that she needs an extra pound for every year older she becomes ;-)

    I LOVE that photo of Asterid and the tree SO FUCKING MUCH. But always giggle about the Lyra lurking in the goldenrod photo, so it's hard to claim a favorite. The light in SO MANY of these photos is absolutely STUNNING.

    And how funny that you have a goal to read more training books this year. I set the same goal for myself. I wanted to read one a month buttttttttttttttttttttt. Fail. Maybe I can make up for lost time later this year? I dunno. I'm also committing to reading more books about finance this year, too, so it'll be tough to juggle both goals 'cause that's a lot of heavy reading.

  5. awesome set of goals, i'm sure you guys will crush them -- esp now that Pig is home ;)

  6. Love that photo of Lyra in the tall grass/ weeds(?).

    And I agree with you - the relaxation for First is something Annie and I are currently working on as well. I'm also excited to hear more about your goal re: reducing mouth movement in Bast.

    Above all tho, so happy you are getting rides in on Pig and enjoying the time you guys have together!

  7. I love lyra hiding in the tall plants - also the first asterid photo is adorbs. I love that you were able to move Pig back home and your future goals my favorite is you blogging weekly (and even better twice a week - I'm a selfish soul what can I say!)

  8. I too love the photo of Lyra's ears sticking out of the tall grass. Guinness does that all the time. I also love your goals re: Bast, mostly because they mirror my own. (and I REALLY want that book).

  9. Ok fav photo is Lyra in the grass. At first I thought it was weed and I was like "I AM COMING TO VISIT YOU". Fav goals are how you always prioritize the health and happiness of your boyz. :)

  10. I love the photo of your dog peeking out of the field... and I'm going to pick your blogging goal coz I just found your blog and am enjoying it heehee

  11. I love the photo of the pony in the deep grass and the one of the dog peaking through the tree. As for goals, the one getting out for at least one hack a week is my favorite. I often neglect this in desire to move up the levels and I need to remind myself he has other goals!


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