Woof Wear Dressage Boots, A Review

Guys, I did it again. I spent money I shouldn't have on something purely because I'm addicted to the #matchymatchy lifestyle. Send help. I have a problem. This time instead of another LeMieux pad, I splurged on a set of Woof Wear Dressage Boots to match my teal set. And, guys, they were so worth the dollars.
Pictured. My happiness with this entire outfit, and also my very very good horse.
Teal can be such a hard color to match, and I was already lucky my teal Kastel Denmark shirt matched my LeMieux pad. I figured I was testing things by adding in another brand, but couldn't resist the WoofWear boots. Somehow the teal gods aligned, and these boots are another perfect match. Against Bast's shiny bay coat, this set is brilliant.

Of course, I didn't just buy these to match. I already have teal wraps that are perfect with this set. However, the weather over the past year has been just terrible. It's rained so much, the idea of wrapping a horse in polos and liners only to tramp through mud or a soggy arena can be disheartening. My favorite DSB boots are fleece lined, which isn't much better. Plus, I like having something also able to protect the fetlock from overreaches (super common as my horse is absurdly short backed and training is ramping up).
Yes, this review is about the boots. Not the fuzzy happy dog, though she's pretty great too.
These boots are perfect for my purposes. They are made of a sturdy perforated neoprene that can easily be hosed off. The exterior is a soft brushed material, meaning the velcro can stick anywhere. These honestly feel quite similar to the ubiquitous Sports Medicine Boots on the market. I was sold as soon as I saw the color and the fetlock strap.
Fetlock strap in action, and not stopping any of the action.
The flexibility of the boot means it doesn't impede any movement of the horse. And while I often hate the way SMB boots can look ill fitted, these didn't spark the same reaction with me. Maybe that's due to their brilliant teal coloring, though.

If you're looking for teal boots like these you might want to act fast. I think WoofWear is discontinuing the solid color boots for a version with colorful piping. I might be wrong, though. I found these on Amazon for less than the leading retailers are selling new. That made purchasing a full pair doable on my budget.
Let's face it. A full set was necessary. For ... reasons. Mostly pretty photo reasons... 
I picked up mediums for the front and larges for the back. While initially worried the hinds would be a bit big, I was pleasantly surprised by the fit. WoofWear has a great sizing chart based on your horse's height. Bast is just about on the edge of one of the sizing cutoffs, but I am happy to say his dainty legs fit perfectly. If your horse runs large you would probably still be okay following the chart. The material and generous velcro allow plenty of flexibility in fitting. That's the beauty of this style of boot.

I'm loving these boots so much, and used them all weekend. I'm not going to say they make Bast a better dressage horse, but damn do they make him look good while he does what he can.
He's a pretty dancing horse all on his own, though.
Anyone else out there buying things not in the budget? Are you a sucker for colors or matching? How do you feel about this style of boot to replace wraps in inclement weather?


  1. Your matching skills are unrivaled!

    1. Honestly, I'm sure there's more useful skills in the world... ;)

  2. y u no come in purple, wraps?

    lately i've been wishing teal was my color. They are beautiful. I wonder when my BO's birthday is, these would look great on her horse...

    1. Teal is definitely an IT color right now. I remember being a kid and purple and burgundy were my xc colors and I never could find either. Haha

  3. hm, needs more teal i think.

  4. Hey is it Woof Wear Turquoise Training Wraps the ones you got? Thanks


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