Gratuitous Galloping (Fabulous Photo Friday)

Last weekend I spent a lot of time testing my new WoofWear boots. Mostly that testing happened in the field, with the dogs. I could talk more about that, and provide you with more reading content. But, it's Friday I'm honestly not feeling it.

Plus, I feel like you guys would rather just look at the pretty pictures today anyway. Amirite?
Seriously, tell me you don't just want to look at these all day... cause I do.
Last Saturday was one of those perfect days. The ground was dry and springy, the air was crisp but warm, and the sky matched my color scheme perfectly. Basically, it was a day begging for photos.
And what glorious images we captured.
When you add to the mix a lovely dressage horse just coming into his confidence and uphill carriage and an exceptionally happy dog, you have the perfect recipe for a great day.
But really. Look at that dog. Have you ever seen anything so happy?
Bast is so very good with the dogs, but Asterid running up behind him can still make him a bit squirrely. In my mind, that just means we need to get out there more often with the dogs to desensitize him. Let's just call this weekend's actions another step on the desensitizing ladder.
Giving the dog some side eye.
Still, it was so heartening that even when I felt Bast back off, watching Asterid, the moment I closed my legs and urged him to continue forward, he lowered his hips and stepped under beautifully. Here we come, collection!

His responses have been so perfect when it comes to half halts recently, too.
Staying straight and stepping under, both impossible at the canter just a few months ago.
I don't know exactly what we did to help all this drop into place with Bast. I am inclined to think quiet repetition and relaxation have gone the furthest toward teaching him to trust the contact and move quietly off the aids.

Though, I can't deny he's also bringing out the better rider in me.
Though nothing can stop me from trying to catch his hind end with my slipping leg...
Riding him to a better balance demands that I stay with him in better balance. Honestly, riding Bast is beginning to feel very much like riding Pig. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, as I did train them both. However, Bast and Pig have different strengths and weaknesses. I'm still so excited to get to know this new confident Bast better, and try to develop his weaknesses into strengths.
Like maintaining straightness in collection.
Right now our training is at this weird combination between advanced and not quiet ready to show off. As we have a schooling show and the L Program test rides around the corner, I should probably stop galloping so much and get down to work of perfecting our stretchy trot and solidifying the lateral work.

Only, the galloping is just so fun... I don't want to stop.
Anyone else out there with perfect ground? Or are you still dealing with soggy footing (or even snow)? If your weather is less than perfect, I hope these photos can bring you some hope for spring rides to come!


  1. Look at him! Such a glorious little chunk 😍

  2. Wow - awesome photos!!! Can't beat the blue sky and good footing. I'm still in snow and ice. Then there will be wet and squishy ground...

  3. Outfit game ON POINT! I think all the desensitization you're doing is very good for a horse like Bast! Isn't it amazing how different a horse can feel once a true half halt is installed? It really opens up so much in terms of balance and adjustability!

  4. He looks great! And I totally understand what you mean about having one starting to feel like the other. I know SO much more than I did with Foster, but I can also feel a lot of his strengths (namely the lateral work) coming to Jack and I wonder if my sitting on Foster and getting that 'feel' back has something to do with Jack's improvement.

  5. Looks SO FUN!! Still soggy and gross here but I have my fingers crossed! Well, once RedMare gets over the thrush...


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